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I was given a free copy of this product in order to review it. All opinions are my own.

I love doing these reviews. I love seeing what you all create–it is fun to see all of the new ideas out there! But that doesn’t mean I am not interested in what I already know and love. When Lynn over at Bob Books contacted me about reviewing the new Bob Books Sight Words books, I was thrilled!


About a year ago, I posted about our success with Bob Books. I really like them. So I was more than happy to review the new sight words book, and since Brayden was just starting Kindergarten, it was pefect timing!


I really like the books. Something that I think is so great about them is that the child is reading the sight words in the context of sentences. This means the child is practicing the sight words in the context of reading them in sentences. So instead of looking at a flash card and saying “the” “was” “go” etc., he reads it in a book and really learns it. And not only that, but the word varies. Sometimes it starts a sentence. Sometimes it is in the middle. So the child sees it capitalized and all in lower case. The child really learns the sight words so that he can read them on sight when reading a book, which is the whole point, right?

I love Bob books. They are interesting to the child. Brayden is always giggling at what is going on. Interest provides motivation to keep going. Brayden asks to read Bob Books each day. He asks to read more othan one each day. He loves them.

Oh, and if you are like me and love to know the history of how things got started, be sure to check out the story on how Bob Books got started.

Okay, so Lynn has made it possible so that Scholastic will do a giveaway on these fabulous new books! The winner of the giveaway will win the Kindergarten Sight Words set and the First Grade Sight Words set. If you never enter a giveaway, enter this one! It is worth a shot at entering, even just once. I promise you will love these books.

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