Kaitlyn Preschooler Summary: 3.5 Years Old

Daily life, schedule, and routine for a 3.5 year old preschooler. See how the preschooler’s sleep was going and how eating was going.

3.5 year old Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is 3.5! I can’t believe it! I think my girls are frozen in age from about a year ago. So in my head, Kaitlyn is 2.5 and McKenna is about 9ish months old. For some reason Brayden gets to continually get older.


Overall, sleeping has been good and normal. She has some days where she doesn’t sleep for her nap.

A few days ago I realized that she sometimes is staying up in the night “reading” books in bed instead of going to sleep.

While I am glad she loves books, she needs her sleep. So I told her she needed to go to bed.

I explained she could look at books in the morning after she woke up, but if she looked at books at night, I would take them away. She was reading books for over an hour, and she was tired in the day.

She has been really good about it and going right to bed.


Eating is continuing on the same.


Kaitlyn has a few new activities. She started attending a playgroup once each week. She loves it. It is nice for some social playing and simple preschool activities. Plus she feels special that she has something to go to, just like Brayden does.

She also started dance class. I have several friends who have their daughters enrolled in a dance studio that they love. The dances are modest and the costumes are modest. They dance to good music. The pricing is fabulous. Kaitlyn loves to dance, so I thought it would be a fun thing for her to do.

Kaitlyn is sad having Brayden gone each morning now, but McKenna is getting older and more of a “playable” age each day. Before too long, they will be good little buddies.

Kaitlyn showing off a bracelet she made


We have a variation to this for playgroup and dance class, but for the most part:

8:15/8:30: Breakfast
9:00: Get ready
9:30: Go for walk
10:00: Sibling Playtime
10:30: Independent playtime
11:30: Learning activity
12:30: Lunch
1:00: Play with Brayden
1:30: nap
4:00: up. Play until dinner
5:00/5:30: Dinner
6:00: Free play
7:00: Start getting ready for bed
8:00: In bed

*I try to make sure she has an official chore each day. I haven’t found the best time for that yet, so it is random.



3.5 year old preschooler schedule

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