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16 thoughts on “Reader Blog Requests/Questions”

  1. I love your blog! I am soo glad I found it! I have a few questions and I will try to keep it short! My first son was a babywise baby from the day we brought him home…by the book still and he is 5! I now have a 3 month old and he was not quite as easy to get into a routine but we are close now. He has always eaten every 3 hours since about week 3 (except for his many growth spurts, we are now bottlefedding). Here is his “typical schedule” He wakes at around 7am and eats every 3 to 3.5 hours. plays for about 1.5 hours then naps. He takes about 5 to 6 bottles a day and his last is at 10:00 or 10:30 which I have to wake him for; usually I dreamfeed that bottle. But sometimes he does wake at 6:15 and wants to eat, i try to sooth him back but sometimes he is just hungry. THis throws our day off a little but he still sticks to the 3 hours schedule. Am I correct to feed? Sometimes I have to wake him at 7:30am to eat and this is the day that usually results in 5 bottles not 6 b/c his evening feeding would fall around 9pm but since he is sound asleep i will wake him at the 10:00pm to so he will sleep until 7am. I find that if he eats earlier then 10 he wakes up in the morning earlier and we are back to the same situation. AM I following correct babywise theory here?I would like for his waketime to be 7:30 or 8 but he has not slept that long yet….Also he gets restless in the middle of the night starting around 2am or 3am and since he is still in our room (b/c his room is upstairs and we just had a friend lose her 7mth old and I like knowing he is close right now)i can usually pat him back to sleep in a few seconds……is that normal for a baby to do? I should probably let him sooth himself? It is just that once he gets going on his crying he will continue….I don’t mind CIO but in the middle of the night just would keep me awake all night…..He does go down for naps and bed very easily so I am thankful for that. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

  2. I have a 7 month old sweet baby boy that has done great on the Babywise program. However, he still cries out in the night. Usually a few times a night for 5-10 minutes each. When will he stop doing this? He does this during naps too. We always let him CIO and he ends up going back to sleep, but it is disturbing to me. I always think something is wrong. Help!

  3. I really love your blog! I have a 3 year old and for about 1 month now he is waking up at 3:30 and asking for something silly (like move his pillow or adjust his cover or turn a little light on or water) He has alway slept very well and I can’t figure out what to do. He will yell until someone answers him, then we go in and say go to sleep then he goes back to bed with no problems. We would like to sleep the whole night without him yelling to us.(like it used to be) Any suggestions?

  4. I second John and Amanda’s request – our 6.5 month old has just started reaching for things that are a NO, but is too young to understand “no” – I know the time is coming for training and discipline, but would love to hear your thoughts on their question! Thanks for all you do! Happy New Year!The Wilsons

  5. We have a couple issues but my main one is concerning obedience. Greyson is 15 months old and doesn’t talk yet. He babbles mostly. He is not a mimicker so its very hard to get him to learn sign language. He has finally learned a couple signs though. If we try to make him try a sign, he gets angry and starts swatting us away, he doesn’t like to be made to do anything else either. We knew from birth that he was a strong willed little boy and he still is. We have tried very hard to stay consistent with him about obedience and training but he has always tested us over and over. It seems like he just constantly goes right back to the things he isn’t supposed to be doing and he rarely listens when I tell him “thats a no Greyson.” I feel like I am constantly reprimanding him and putting him in Isolation or taking a toy away. He throws mini fits about most everything and I feel like we’re just constantly going around and around with this all day long. I am feeling like a bad parent now! I have honestly worked hard on this from the beginning, reading all the BW books and Growing Kids Gods Way series but my son is so strong willed it seems like its slow going compared to all the other BW moms. What do I do? Is there something I’m missing when it comes to disciplining him? We are very loving parents and both me and my husband are on the same page on everything, we have a wonderful marriage too. Thanks for your [email protected]

  6. Lindsay,If he is hungry at 6:15 AM it is always correct to feed him. Hopefully he will move to your desired waketime, but know that some kids just don’t sleep that long.It is normal for a baby to wake several times in the night. There is a good chance he is waking because he is in the room with you and can hear you just as well as you hear him. He might not soothe himself knowing you are right there, so that decision is up to you. The AAP recommends sleeping in the same room until 6 months old because the parents will wake the baby up more often through the night and the theory is this will prevent the baby from SIDS. Since that is your desire, it sounds like you are doing the right thing for your situation. You can try CIO in the night, but he might not take it well due to you being so close. Good luck!

  7. Lindsey and Nick’s mommy,I am not sure when it will stop. It sounds like he might be one of those who needs to cry to settle himself back down. There are kids like that and it isn’t a problem. I think most stop around 12ish months old, but some go on longer. If you are sure he isn’t in need of something (and since he goes back to sleep relatively quickly it sounds like he isn’t), then there really isn’t anything you can do. Hang in there!

  8. Marci, Thanks!There are a few things I would do. The right answer will be dependent upon his personality, so you will have to judge based on him.One is remove as many possible excuses from him as possible. For example, since he is waking and asking for water, have water there for him. My 3.5 year old sleeps with water without any potty problems, but bear night peeing in mind. Once you have removed as many of his reasons for calling out to you as possible, explain to him that he doesn’t need to call to you in the night unless it is an emergency. You would then have to explain what is and isn’t an emergency. I would tell him he can adjust his pillow himself. Explain your expectations to him. Also, be sure he isn’t having bad dreams or isn’t nervous about something. It sounds like he might be wanting more attention from mom and dad. If so, consider any changes that have recently ocurred. New sibling, change in living quarters, parent changing job, etc. Be sure he gets the one-on-one time with each parent each day.Another solution to this situation I have heard of is being sure you have couch time. I know it sounds like the two aren’t related, but I have heard several parents attest to this being the solution to their child’s sudden night waking.

  9. I am looking for more information on when/how to transition to align baby’s meals with the family. I saw someone else ask for this but the date showed jan 08 and i couldn’t find your response.Thanks

  10. Wehrungs,When you teach him new signs, just show him with your hands rather than trying to make his hands do it. Consistency is key. I would check out the blog lable “discipline” and read through those posts for ideas. Also keep in mind “why vs. how.” Keep trying different things until you find what works. If you have to keep doing the same thing with no results, that that thing is not the right thing for him. See the blog lable “why vs. how” for more on that.

  11. Hello – so grateful to have found your blog, it is a godsend. My baby will be four months old next week. We are having a very hard time getting him to sleep for naps or through the night. At around 4 weeks he was doing ok, even sleeping for 4 hour stretches at night, and then one night he would awaken every hour or so. I was so tired I was slowly losing my motor skills, and one night at around 5 weeks we fell asleep together in bed, and have co-slept since then. I vowed I would never co-sleep – but have learned never say never as a new or expecting mom! We will be starting the Babywise method as soon as next week, although i am terrified of the crying and trying not to give credence to opponents opinions that say this the CIO will somehow negatively affect the baby at some point in his life. Anyway, my question deals with travel. We live in NYC (apt) and have a summer home that we travel to on the weekends (thurs – sun), until the end of Sept. We will be setting up a similar crib out there. I cannot function until the end of Sept like this, so my question is – is it possible to do the Babywise method in two cribs/two locations? Or do we skip a weekend and keep him in the same crib for 2 weeks? Would love your help! Also should we really remove a mobile from the crib? Thanks in advance and CONGRATS on your baby!!

  12. Customer, you can definitely do BW in different beds/locations. It can be helpful to keep things super consistent initially so baby can really get in a good schedule and get used to things. But since baby is already used to the summer home, it might not be a problem. You could always try it the first weekend and see if you think you should skip the next one or not. Just try to keep things as consistent as possible while you are there. You might want to read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child if you need an extra boost in confidence for sleep training. Also, see the blog label CIO. Good luck!

  13. I remember you making a recent post about transitioning a toddler from crib to toddler/twin bed, however I can't seem to find it now. My question is…at what point do you add a pillow & sheet/blanket to the bed? Is this done when you switch them to toddler bed? My son rolls all over his crib all night long & I am afraid he will fall out of his toddler bed once the transition takes place. I know I can put pillows on the ground. I just thought maybe if I place him tucked in he might stay in the bed a little easier.

  14. LaChelle, that is different for each child. Brayden was about 3ish when he got a pillow. Kaitlyn was about 2. McKenna was 11 months or so. I put a body pillow standing on its side in Kaitlyn's toddler bed with her. You can also try to get a toddler bed with side rails if you don't have one already.


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