Sucess Story–Amazing Grace

Here is a story from a mom who has done both attachment parenting and Babywise.


I missed your request for success stories originally. I wrote you only one other time after my son was born to tell you how thankful I was for your blog and how wonderful our family was functioning because of Babywise. That son is now 2.5. I also have a 12 year old boy who we raised by the attachment parenting philosophy. I had every Dr. Sears book and was a year long member of LLL. I was the poster child for attachment parenting. My husband trusted I knew what I was doing even though he saw the terrible toll it took on our son, me, him, and our life.

We waited 3 years before trying to get pregnant again because our son did not sleep through the night until 2 and at 3 was still quite a handful from all the attachment time! I really did not see how it was possible to follow AP and have more then one child. I ended up having 3 miscarriages and just stopped trying to get pregnant. Then at age 38 I became pregnant. I was scared to repeat the same scenario. I knew AP was not what was best for me, our next child, or our family. I prayed and prayed for a baby that would sleep and did not cry all the time (unless I was breastfeeding him) like our 1st son. I picked up Babywise at a Wal-Mart about a month before I delivered son #2. I never bought a book there before and swore I was not buying any books filled with philosophies this time. I was 10 years older and wiser. I knew the outcome I wanted from this 2nd child and I was not going to let anymore books make me feel bad about how I intended to raise him. Right away I knew BW was an answer to my prayers and my husband’s. Everything the book said about AP parenting was true and everything about BW has been true for us. As my second son grew I memorized the Babywise book and read your blog for help and reassurance.

Son #2 (now 2.5) is the most amazing sleeper, even tempered, and engaging child-a true joy to be around. Everyone says we deserved it after the first one. I say it was BW to those who really want to learn. When son #2 was 15 months I became pregnant again ( I am now 40 years old). Our 3rd child named Grace (months) is also thriving on BW. The miracle is that without BW I would never have been able to experience the joy of 3 children. My friends ask me how is it having 2 young children and a preteen to take care of at 40 and I say easier then 1 baby at 28 was because of my faith and God sending me Babywise.

I have also been able to help my sister raise her 2 children on BW who miraculously are exactly the same age as my younger 2. PPD and PP anxiety runs in our family and without BW I do believe my sister would have had to be hospitalized. I got her on BW when her first son was about 3 months. They were afraid to let him cry and the fact that I was doing so well and sleeping made her believe me and do exactly what I told her-from the book, your blog, and my experience. Her second is also miraculously a girl born at the same time as my Grace. She has been doing BW with her from the start!

You are intelligent, well spoken, dedicated, and extremely helpful to millions of parents worldwide. You have been able to give life to a book that I might have doubted if I had not found your blog so soon. If any of your readers are every worried about doing BW I have lots of experience doing it another way and doing BW and I can definitely say BW has all benefits.


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