Surprise Announcement!

Pregnancy announcement

I have some exciting news to announce. I am pregnant! I am 8 weeks along and due in August.

We have always planned on having (3-4) children if you are my husband and (4-5) if you are me. For a long time after McKenna was born, we wondered if we were done having children. Almost two years ago (so right before McKenna turned one), I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It was something that came on for whatever reason after McKenna was born. 

PCOS is a syndrome that typically means you do not ovulate and comes along with it many undesirable side effects. For a long time, I did not ovulate. During the whole course of the years, we prayed and prayed wanting to know if we were done having children or not and never felt fully confident in an answer in any direction. I tried to remain patient (it was very hard).

This last Fall, I started to feel anxious to settle this. My husband and I continued to fervently ponder and pray on the topic. We finally came to the decision to just try for a baby–but through natural means. My OB had already offered Clomid if I ever wanted it. We felt like drugs were not the right choice for us. We thought we would try to get pregnant for several months and if we didn’t get pregnant, we would call it done.

Much to our surprise, we got pregnant on our very first try. We were (and I am for sure still) shocked. The odds of me being able to get pregnant seemed rather slim. We know this was a miracle and feel fully confident the Lord wanted us to have another child. 

It will be a whole different experience than we have ever had. McKenna will be close to the age Brayden was when she was born. We have never had a baby while having any other activities to take children to. Two of our children will share a room. We have always had spring babies, and this will be a summer baby. 

Pregnancy is always very difficult for me. So far, I have felt pretty good. Very tired, and some queasiness, but no throwing up yet. I am hoping for an easy pregnancy–just one? Just one sounds reasonable to me :). We shall see. 

This summer, we will welcome another child into our home (just one; I have confirmed through ultrasound 🙂 ). 

I plan to do a series of posts on pregnancy–if you have any specific requests, please let me know and I will add them to my list!