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  1. Hi val-I have 5 month old (4 mos adjusted) twin boys. We follow the eat, play, sleep schedule during the day-even eating every 2-2 1/2 hours. They typically consume about 3.5 ounces at each feed. I CANNOt get them to eat more than that-they simply refuse. They r waking every 2 hrs at night and have been for 5 mos now?!?! Any suggestions on how to get them to drink more during the day. ***when thy wake at night, I try to pacify them, but after several failed attempts, I give up and give them what they want-the bottle. During the night, they drink 5 ounces at each feed. It's like they have their days and nights mixed up, but with feeding rather than sleeping?!?! Exhausted mommy!

  2. Any time a baby refuses to eat, I wonder about reflux. Do they have it? If there is definitely no reflux, I would wonder about bottle nipple size. They might eat more with a bigger nipple.

  3. Yeah! It worked!!! Thx for the suggestion! So, now we r taking about 5-6 ozs every 3 hrs. My last question for u: I'm ready to let them CIO. If u remember, they 'snack' all night long-taking in about 20 ozs throughout the night-a few sips here and a few there. So, when I let them CIO, I'm not sure if I should b giving them a feed in the night, or since they r getting enough during the day, if I shouldn't set that up for them? Should I slowly transition or go all out? Also, they r on nutramigen which Is partially broken down-not sure if that has anything to do w why they want so much formula at night?! Thx!!!

    • So good to hear! I am glad you had some improvement. I don't know about the formula at all. I would do whatever you need to I'm order to make sure you are confident in doing CIO at night. Think about what you will do of they cry. If you will wait 30 minutes and then worry they are hungry and feed them, then I would wean off night feedings (I that way at night, so I have never done CIO at night for that reason). It won't be effective of you don't go "all in" so be sure you are ready for it. Make sure you are confident they don't need food at night, and once you are, go for it!


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