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I have this vision for starting a Babywise-friendly blog network. I want to create a network of strong bloggers who know their stuff for all of us to turn to–turn to for ideas, help, support, and friendship.

I immediately thought of two people who have been readers of mine and over the years have started blogs of their own. They are intelligent and strong–each with their own strengths. I have even gotten to know one in person since we live relatively close to each other. This week, we will each be posting on each other’s blogs. On my blog, you will find a link to these blogs at all times up in the “Community” tab.

Today, we will give you a short intro to each of us.

Maureen Monfore is author of Childwise Chat, a blog written for parents of toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children who are interested in the parenting principles originated by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. Maureen’s primary resource is On Becoming Childwise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam, but she also pulls material from Growing Kids God’s WayOn Becoming Toddlerwise and parenting books from other authors. Childwise Chat covers the practical details of teaching the defiant toddler to obey to more philosophical thoughts on big-picture parenting.

A mom to two boys, ages 7 and 4, Maureen is well versed in the many parenting books on the market and has comfortably settled with the Ezzos. She appreciates that the philosophies are so very balanced. Although they suggest that we set the bar quite high, the books are full of thoughts on encouraging children, passing on our moral values, acting as a teacher, speaking their love languages, and more. And rather than focusing on single subset of parenting, the Ezzos’ books cover every scenario imaginable. Perhaps most importantly, their principles work! They give parents a veritable instruction manual on how to raise well-mannered, morally conscious children.

Rachel is the author of My Baby Sleep Guide. As you have probably already guessed, she writes about sleep, particularly how to get more of it! She covers all the bases, from short naps to sleep training to sleeping through the night, and everything in between. Rachel knows that every baby and every family is different, so she includes information about various sleep training methods so you can find what works best for you and your family. She draws from her own personal experience as a registered nurse and mother of a spirited 3 year old and adventurous 1 year old, as well as from a plethora of books and the wisdom of hundreds of moms. Her hope is that her blog will decrease the stress that many parents feel over sleep so that they can more fully enjoy their sweet children.

Valerie Plowman is the author of  Chronicles of a BabywiseMom. Valerie started this blog primarily as a resource for parents implementing the –wise series (written by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam). Over the years, it has grown to include a collection of multiple parenting books, and is now broadly put a “parenting blog.” Content includes anything a person might face as a parent. So far as parenting theories go, the –wise series is always her foundation, with strong influences from the Baby Whisperer books and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Valerie is a stay-at-home mom to three children, ages 6, 4, and 2 and is very passionate about raising children into adults who love the Lord and are service minded, intelligent, confident, successful in their own right, and loved. Every mother’s dream, right?

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  1. I love that you are doing this! It would be a dream of mine to help other mothers troubleshoot different issues. I have learned so very much from your blog, and look forward to including Maureen and Rachels blogs on to my list!


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