These posts guide you through the unique challenges you face when parenting girls.

Girls Index

Below are the posts on this blog that specifically apply to girls and raising daughters. A Mother’s Impact on Her Daughter Fighting the Body Image Battle Fighting the Body Image… View Post

What It is Like to Raise Girls

  “Mommy! Max was playing with bugs and he picked up a grasshopper and put it in his pocket!” I looked at my little two year old daughter like she… View Post

15 Chapter Books for Girls

  The world is full of great books. So full it can be overwhelming knowing where to start when choosing a chpater book for your child to read. This list… View Post

Preteen Gift Ideas for Girls

Preteen gift for girls ideas. Over fourteen different gift ideas for the tweenage girl in your life. Find a great gift the preteen will love!… View Post

Great Picture Books for Girls

  That age old battle. Okay, maybe it isn’t age old. Maybe it is just half a century old. Hey, maybe it is even just a quarter of a century… View Post

Father’s Impact on His Daughters

My first-born child is a boy. Following him was a son that we lost at 20 weeks gestation. After that, I was sure I was “destined” to be a mother… View Post