These posts will help you recognize if your child is gifted. Know the common characteristics of giftedness and how best to parent your gifted child.

Addressing the Emotional Needs of a Gifted Child

Addressing the Emotional Needs of a Gifted Child. Gifted children have intense emotions and need help learning to recognize and control emotions. It is always important to remember that a… View Post

How To Teach a Gifted Child Communication Skills

“Have a good weekend!” “Goodbye!” “Bye Brayden!” One day as we walked out of the school together, child after child told my then fourth grader, Brayden, goodbye and wished him… View Post

Giftedness Index

Below are the posts on this blog discussing gifted children. What is Giftedness? 15 Common Characteristics of Gifted Children Book Recommendation: A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children Addressing the Emotional… View Post

How To Tell the Difference Between Smart and Gifted

At some point in your parenting, you might start to realize your child is quite smart. The word gifted might even pop into your head. At same time, you will… View Post

15 Common Characteristics of Gifted Children

The day I realized my oldest child was truly gifted and not just a smart kid was one of my most poignant moments of regret as a parent. I have… View Post

Recognizing Various Areas of Giftedness

  It can be hard for a parent to declare his/her own child “gifted.” We all think our child is basically the most amazing human to grace the Earth, correct?… View Post

What is Giftedness?

  You may be wondering if your child is gifted or not. I think it is super hard to figure that out as a parent. We parents think our children… View Post