These posts will help you with your strong-willed child. Learn how to respond, how not to respond, and how to help your child learn to use that strong-will for good.

McKenna Preteen Summary: 8.75 Years Old

This is a summary for McKenna from 8.5-8.75 years old.        EATING McKenna is a great eater. Eating has never been a issue with her. When I think… View Post

6 Things I Love About Having a Strong-Willed Child

A strong-willed child is not easy. That is no secret. If you don’t have a strong-willed child (yet), you might find yourself hoping one never comes your way (or if… View Post

A Common, Yet Unknown, Cause of Disobedience

All children disobey at times. It has happened, it does happen, and it will continue to happen. Children are human, and humans make mistakes. There are common reasons children disobey.… View Post

When One Child is Harder Than the Other(s)

You know the terms. “Spirited.” “Strong-willed.” “Difficult.” These are just a few of the common terms used to describe a child who is hard to raise. Some children just are… View Post

Raising Difficult Children

  I have noticed in my talking with parents all around, that it seems that every family gets at least one difficult child. Some children put us through “Parenting 101”… View Post

Sleep and the Strong-Willed Child

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child is a book on how to help children be obedient who are otherwise difficult to get to comply. The authors, Forehand and Long, include a short… View Post

Traveling Tips {Strong-Willed Child}

image source     Parenting the Strong-Willed Child has a few good ideas for traveling in the car. I think these can apply no matter what your mode of transportation. thse… View Post