Brayden Summary: 12.5 Years Old

This is a summary for Brayden from 12-12.5 years old.

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Eating is great and usual. He eats a lot, but he isn’t eating amounts that I find crazy. 

I should say, though, that my husband eats a whole lot more than the average man. My dad did, also. It will take a lot of food being consumed for me to be impressed. 


Sleeping is great. Brayden is wanting more to just head to bed without us going into his room to tell him good night. He is growing up! Sniff.


Brayden is doing swim team still. 

He has piano lessons going on. 

He did the musical at the middle school this fall. 

He also has scouts.

That is basically what he is involved in right now. It is enough! The musical is over, but the other things are mostly year-round. 


School is going great! Brayden has loved middle school and has thrived there. He ended up getting a 4.0 in his first trimester. At his parent/teacher conferences, all of his teachers had great things to say about him. 


At this point, we do not have attitude issues with Brayden. I know this age, a bit younger, and older can be times of attitude and difficulty with dynamics of relationships. I really don’t know, since he is always my first, if this is because it is just his natural disposition. I don’t know if we are doing a good job of allowing him the appropriate amount of freedom. So much about life with him is just a lot of guesswork and hoping and praying we are doing things right 🙂 . 


6 AM — Get up

7 AM — Go to school

3 PM — Get home

8 or 9 PM — Bedtime

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