McKenna Preteen Summary: 12.5 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 12.5 year old tween girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the preteen age group. This covers 12.25 years old through 12.5 years old.

McKenna at 12.5 years old

This is a summary for Mckenna from 12.25 years old until 12.5 years old.


Sleep is going well. Most of this period was during summer for McKenna, but she has had a good chunk in school, also. This is significant because she is now in middle school and has to leave the house at the time she used to wake up for the day in elementary school.

McKenna LOVES to sleep, so I worried she would struggle with getting up in middle school. She has been just fine. She has overslept one day and had to rush to get ready for the bus, but every other day she has woken up with her alarm with no difficulty.


Eating is all good and normal. This has been one of the easiest things about McKenna: She loves to eat and will eat anything.


Summer was good! There wasn’t anything terribly notable in the summer for her.


School has been great! She was very excited to move out of elementary school, but she also heard a lot about how horrible middle school is.

This mostly happened because Kaitlyn was moving out of middle school. While Kaitlyn like middle school fine, she was excited to go to high school. When we talked to any adult, they would tell her how much better high school is than middle school and how middle school is the worst.

This was all done in front of McKenna who really started to worry about what things would be like.

I didn’t mind middle school myself, so I talked with her and told her it doesn’t have to be terrible.

There are some things I think are important to understand going into middle school.

One is that 99% of the kids there are feeling unsure about who they are, who they want to be, and how to do anything about it. They feel insecure. Kids handle that insecurity differently; some by being very unkind to others.

Another reality of middle school is that it is common for friends to shift. You no longer are in an elementary situation where you are friends with the people in your class because you have many different classes.

It is common to make new friends and for your friends to make new friends. It is common for kids to start to spend time with other kids who share their interests rather than just share their class.

Sometimes this means friends drift away. Not always, but it is pretty common. But it is a great opportunity to make new friends.


For some reason, I really had to push to get McKenna started on the process of testing her so she can get the vaccinations she is due for.

But we are on the road. She has been able to get one so far and is scheduled for another soon.

If you do not remember, she had an allergic reaction to a flu shot years ago. Because of that, she is being tested for each vaccine before having it administered so they can be sure she is not allergic.


McKenna got braces during this time. Things are already moving along well.


McKenna had soccer, piano, and a musical at the middle school.

She has been loving her soccer! She is happy to not be injured…knock on wood. She loves her new coach and still gets to play for her old coach, whom she also loves. So it is good.

Piano is going well. I have to make sure she practices, but progress is being made.

She is having fun with the musical, also. The are doing the Lion King and she is Timon. The show will run in November.


I will do a summer schedule and school schedule.

8:00 AM-Wake up (she often had morning practices, so sometimes it was earlier and sometimes later)
Breakfast, get ready, chores, practices
NOON-Lunch. Electronics allowed after lunch if all chores were done
5:00 PM-Dinner
10 PM – Bedtime for summer

6:00 AM-Get up and get ready
7:00 AM-Go to school
3:10 PM-Get home from school
5:00 PM-Dinner
8:30 PM-Get ready for bed
9:00 PM-In bed

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