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The Learning Process for Toddlers

The Learning Process for Toddlers. How toddlers learn and how best to teach them important concepts. Tips from On Becoming Toddlerwise. On Becoming Toddlerwise talks about curiosity with the toddler… View Post

Learning Triangle for Babies

Learning Triangle for Babies. Know what your baby is capable of focusing on and learning developmentally so you don’t overwhelm baby. Tracy Hogg has a rule for what you give… View Post

Learning Activities (Preschoolwise)

The obvious main point of On Becoming Preschoolwise is to prepare your child for academic life. When you read that book, you come to realize the far reaching benefits of… View Post

How to Enhance Your Baby’s Language Development

How to Enhance Your Baby’s Language Development We wait on pins and needles for that first word. What will it be? When will it be? Your baby’s language will be… View Post

The Value of Reading Aloud to Your Children

The Value of Reading Aloud to Your Children. There are many benefits to reading aloud. Fit it into your routine now.   Have you all heard the push to read… View Post