A Simple Preschool From Home Weekly Schedule


No need to stress over creating your own homeschool preschool schedule. This simple schedule is made for you and easy to do even if you have little ones.

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I recently wrote about our Learning Activity of the Day. Around the time McKenna was born, we started a different curriculum than this Learning Activity of the Day.

Our Learning Activity of the Day plan was something I made up based on what I knew at the time.

One day, someone (I can’t remember who! Sorry!) mentioned to me this blog: http://www.ourpreschoolhomeschool.blogspot.com/. I visited the blog and thought it would be a great program to follow!

It is very similar to what I was already doing, except it adds a few elements. It adds in a theme of the week (cows, lighthouses, butterflies…). You also have a vocabulary word. It gives ideas for a gross motor skill activity as well as a fine motor skill activity. It also has you do a song each day that goes along with the theme along with a poem. You also learn a nursery rhyme each week.

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Preschool From Home Weekly Schedule

Here is how it breaks down:

MONDAY: Theme Day

  • Introduce theme
  • Read story based on theme
  • Share poem based on theme
  • Sing song based on theme
  • Gross motor skill activity based on theme
  • Introduce vocabulary word

TUESDAY: Shape OR Color Day (it alternates each week)

  • Review weekly theme
  • Read story based on theme
  • Share poem based on theme
  • Sing song based on theme
  • Review vocabulary word


  • Collect 3-5 objects to share with your child that are the shape
  • Walk through your home looking for the shape
  • Cut a shape out of cookie dough, playdough, etc.
  • Put a drawing of the shape on your poster


  • Color the shape on your learning poster
  • Wear the color
  • Walk through your home looking for color
  • Add color to meals through food or plates, etc.
  • Color


  • Color a print out of the letter of the day
  • Trace the shape in pudding, finger paint, shallow tray filled with rice, etc.
  • Find the letter in signs, cereal boxes, etc.
  • Post the letter on your learning poster
  • Review weekly theme
  • Read story based on theme
  • Share poem based on theme
  • Sing song based on theme
  • Review vocabulary word
  • Review shape/color

THURSDAY: Number Day

  • Give your child a snack in the number of the day (so if you are on number five, you eat five fish crackers or grapes, etc.)
  • Show your child the number on the learning poster
  • Add correct number of stickers to a counting book
  • Create matching index cards for the number of the week
  • Draw number of shapes (use shape of the week) for the number of the week
  • Walk around the house counting objects in your home
  • Review weekly theme
  • Read story based on theme
  • Share poem based on theme
  • Sing song based on theme
  • Review vocabulary word
  • Review shape/color
  • Review letter

FRIDAY: Review Day

  • Introduce nursery rhyme. Repeat this often during the next week
  • Read a book based on nursery rhyme if possible
  • Review weekly theme
  • Do fine motor skills activity for the week
  • Read story based on theme
  • Share poem based on theme
  • Sing song based on theme
  • Review vocabulary word
  • Review shape/color
  • Review letter
  • Review number
  • Play matching game with all numbers previously learned


Create a booklet that has each thing you learn in it and add to it each week. I use a three ring binder and print out a page for each thing.

One page has the letter in uppercase and lowercase.

One page has the shape or color as well as the word written out (so it would say Oval followed by a picture of an oval). If it is the color, I write out the color and have several shapes in that color, but in various shades. So it would say “blue” and have a blue heart, circle, square, etc. I would have light blue, dark blue, blue, etc.

One page has the number in numerals, the number written out, followed by that number in the theme of the week. So for sheep week, it has the number 17, the word seventeen, followed by 17 sheep.

I then have a review page. At the top, it says the word for the them. I then have a picture that represents the them, along with the word and definition. I then have a picture of the vocabulary word, along with the word and definition. I then have a third picture that I think correlates with the theme.

preschool from home weekly schedule Pinnable Image


I have added some things to this. Here they are.

SATURDAY: Field Trip Day

I thought it would be fun to take field trips based on the theme. The first week is cow week, and we live near many dairy farms. It was also spring, so there were a lot of calves around the valley (calf was the vocabulary word).

If Saturday doesn’t work, you can do it in an evening during the week. During Horse week, we had a family reunion on the Saturday. We went for a field trip on Monday night instead. My parents own about 40 miniature horses a two full size horses. We went to their house and pet and fed the horses. We talked about our vocabulary words and had something “hands-on” to refer to all week.

Also, not all words will work for you. For example, during lighthouse week, there was no way we could visit a lighthouse without spending a lot of money 😉 We don’t live near them.

SUNDAY: Memorization Day

Our primary issued a challenge to memorize 13 scriptures over the summer. Brayden (four) is in the youngest class in the primary and they didn’t expect that age group to actually memorize, but I thought we would try it out. To my surprise (and the shock of his teachers) he did it! He was the youngest child to get all thirteen memorized. We practiced the scripture each day, but he passed them off at church on Sunday to his teachers. I have decided this is great and will continue it with other good scriptures.

Kaitlyn (two) also practiced along with us, though she didn’t memorize word for word. It doesn’t hurt, though 🙂 If you have a younger child who is your oldest, you might want to have your spouse model the process for your child. I am sure Kaitlyn understood what to do from watching Brayden.

Busy Books

I like to add more variety to the week. At the beginning of the week, I plan out a new, fun activity for each day. I typically get my ideas from my busy books (see Book Review: The Toddler’s Busy Book). For color day, I look for fun art activities. For number day, I look in the math section. You get the picture. There are 365 ideas in the Toddler’s Busy Book and 365 in Preschooler’s Busy Book. There is also The Siblings’ Busy Book, which has great reviews and I plan to purchase them.

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Learning Activity Websites

You can find lots of fun activity ideas on a blog I contribute to Children’s Learning Activities. You can also get activity ideas and a full year of curriculum for homeschool preschool at Babes, Tots, and Kids (I helped write the book!).

You can also gather great ideas from the web. My friend, Manda, posted a bunch of great sites she has found on the last learning activities post:


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17 thoughts on “A Simple Preschool From Home Weekly Schedule”

  1. This is great! I've been looking for a good curriculum to use this year for my 2 year old and this is perfect. Thanks for the info!

  2. Here is another great preschool program you can do from home. It's curriculum is centered around the Bible. I am currently doing it with my 2 and 3 year old. http://www.hubbardscupboard.org/index.html

  3. Thanks so much for your blog! I check everyday:) I just started doing some verses with my 3 1/2 year old and I was wondering what ones you liked for that age – ones that they can really start to understand. Thanks! Tammy

  4. Great links! I cannot wait to use these in the future. I have saved them for when my DD gets older. She is only 7 months now. Any suggestions on "learning" activities for her now?

  5. We do similar activities but based on Bible lesson a week. You can check it out at my blog:www.mywalkwitheden.comlove these ideas everyone!

  6. I just love the resources I found after going to www.ourpreschoolhomeschool.blogspot.com. Thank you thank you thank you!!! My 3-year-old loves the Preparatory curriculum but I am going to try the Letter of the Week curriculum instead because it will be more developmentally appropriate. There's an interesting link on the right of the home page, "How We Taught Our Sons to Read" or something like that. Based on that info, I borrowed the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD last night from the library, as well as a "Bob Book" for beginner readers. By noon today, my son read for the first time! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. He acted like it was no big deal. He sounded out the letters in the Bob Book with no problem. We had already been doing Starfall.com sometimes and working on sounds of letters, but this clinched it! I can't thank you and your readers enough for pointing me to some amazing learning tools.

  7. Sarah, you can definitely start now. You will be so shocked one day when you suddenly start realizing all your child has picked up on. It might be 6 months before you see any sign, or it could be 6 days 🙂 You never know with kids.

  8. Dana, I would start with things that are shorter (John 14:15 is short)–but don't underestimate him! Here is a list of Old Testament verses I think are good:Genesis 1:26-7Genesis 39:9Exodus 20:3-17 (ten commandments–I would treat each one individually–this might be a really good starting point)Exodus 33:11Leviticus 19:18 Joshua 1:8Joshua 24:151 Samuel 16:7Job 19:25-26Psalms 24:3-4Proverbs 3:5-6Isaiah 1:18Isaiah 29:13-14Isaiah 53:3-5 Isaiah 55:8-9Jeremiah 16:16Daniel 2:44-45Amos 3:7Malachi 3:8-10Malachi 4:5-6 And New Testament:Matthew 5:14-6Matthew 6:24Matthew 16:15-19Matthew 25:40Luke 24:36-39John 3:5John 7:17John 10:16John 14:15 John 17:3Acts 7:55-6Romans 1:1561 Corinthians 10:131 Corinthians 15:20-221 Corinthians 15:40-42Ephesians 4:11-142 Thessalonians 2:1-3 2 Timothy 3:1-52 Timothy 3:16-7Hebrews 5:4James 1:5-6James 2:17-8Revelation 14:6-7Revelation 20:12-3As you have him memorize it, I would also talk to him about the meaning of what he is saying. Have fun!

  9. Redheads,At that age, there are a few basics. One is to read to her often. Another is to work on sign language. Another great one is singing songs to her. She will most likley love songs that involve hand/body movements like Wheels on the Bus, Pattycake, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, etc.

  10. Kristy, that Leapfrog Letter factory movie is awesome. My kids love it. Last Christmas, I also got them the whole set (there is a word factory, storybook factory, number factory…). I also gave my friend Kelli (who did the milk supply post) the letter factory one year and she said it taught her son his alphabet and sounds. I will have to try a Bob book! Brayden loves to read. So far, he is self-taught. I think Word World on PBS has helped a lot in that department.

  11. We just found Word Factory at the library! I'm going to be looking for the others. The first Bob Book was exciting for my son. I haven't found or ordered the rest yet, so I'm not sure exactly how they progress. Word World and SuperWhy have been wonderful for my son, but he only learned limited things from them until he learned the concepts elsewhere–through Letter Factory and me and trying out the Bob Book. Now he really benefits from those shows because he knows the full concepts. Or maybe the shows helped him really get the ideas when they were introduced, and they all worked together. Who knows?


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