Reading to Toddlers

Last week, I wrote about Reading to Infants. Today I want to build on that and discuss some of the unique points of reading to toddlers. This post contains affiliate… View Post

Reading to Infants

Kaitlyn at 11 months old at the end of independent playtime I am a huge advocate of reading to your children. Reading to your infant or toddler is not about… View Post

Structured Playtime With Siblings {Sibling Playtime}

I first read about the idea of Structured Playtime with Siblings in On Becoming Toddlerwise (page 49). There isn’t a lot of explanation on it–it is pretty simple and straightforward.… View Post

Value Learning

In this post, guest blogger Becca perfectly explains the purpose for having some structured learning in your day while laying out some simple steps to make it happen. Becca has… View Post

Literacy: Books on Tape/CD

Here is our latest guest post from Susanne. Thanks Susanne! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am huge advocate for allowing children to listen to books on tape and CD. There are many benefits… View Post

Blanket Time Info

image source As you read through the various -wise books, it is very easy to miss the information on blanket time. I missed it the first couple of times I… View Post

Structured Playtime

There is some confusion as the the distinction between each of the playtimes described in the -wise series. This article discusses Structured Playtime. Structured playtime as defined in On Becoming… View Post