Infant Loss

Infant loss is heartbreaking to parents. These posts help you know you are not alone and will hopefully bring some comfort and hope.

Heartbreaking Sorrow Strengthens Us image source     October is officially National Pregnancy Baby Loss Awareness Month in the United States. I typically only write on the topic in April since that is… View Post

Allow Grief to Be Felt

  As we face the difficulties of life, I think we tend to think we need to face them without emotion. We have led ourselves and each other to believe… View Post

Not Less Painful–Just Better At Handling It

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine was speaking in church about the death of her father. She said that over time, the pain hadn’t lessened, but she… View Post

Index: Miscarriage/Stillbirth

Miscarriage/Stillbirth Baby Braxston Allow Grief to Be Felt Heartbreaking Sorrow Strengthens Us I Remember Him Still Moms- Finding Time To Grieve After The Death Of A Loved One Pregnancy and… View Post

Traditions for Lost Child’s Birthday

Yesterday (as I write this) was Braxston’s birthday. (see Baby Braxston and Miscarriage and Stillbirth).  Each year, we have our set traditions of what we do to remember him and celebrate his birthday.… View Post

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

In all 50 states in the US, October 15 is recognized as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This has been spreading around the world also.   In October 1988, President Ronald… View Post

Baby Braxston

Today marks 5 years since we lost our little Braxston (for more about this, see Miscarriage and Stillbirth). I still think about him throughout each and every day. It still… View Post