Columbia Rain Jackets {Friday Finds}

Despite the fact that I have sat through many-a-soccer game in the rain during my parenting years, I have never had a rain jacket until we were in Chicago and headed on up to the North Face outlet store in Wisconsin (just over the border from Illinois). Those have come in handy, and our kids have taken note. We have had a lot of rain (and snow) over the last couple of months, and my kids got to asking about rain coats. They have to go out during recess even if it is raining, so the old winter coat isn’t necessarily cutting it. Winter coats are not water proof. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. 


So I did some Amazon searching and settled on the Columbia rain jackets. Columbia is a brand I have trusted since high school and they have yet to let me down. They have rain jackets that are also warm and rain jackets that are basically just a jacket–so not really the type you would wear below 40 degrees while it is raining. After some discussion, however, we decided to go with the latter. We decided the kids could wear a normal jacket underneath to boost up the warmth factor if needed, and it would allow the rain jacket to be handy in summer rain storms, as well.


The kids have loved their jackets! 


Kaitlyn and McKenna went with a Columbia Switchback Rain Jacket (pictured above). They got different colors from each other. They report that they work very well! 


Brayden went with the Columbia Boys’ Watertight Jacket. He really likes it and is even wearing it out in the snow without anything else (pre-teens and their warm bodies!).

I opted for no rain jacket for Brinley because she is not out in recess and can be easily kept out of the rain. We are having a yet year, but we still aren’t Portland, Oregon or anything!

Both of these jackets are made for little kids and big kids sizes, so you can find one for any child. They also have some good prices going on right now, so check them out!


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