It’s A…

I had my ultrasound last week to find out the gender of our baby.

Going into the ultrasound, I was 99% positive I was carrying a boy. You might remember me mentioning this in a post last week. This pregnancy has been just like my two other boy pregnancies (I lost a boy at 20 weeks). Nothing like my one girl pregnancy. The only reason it was 99% rather than 100% was so I could feign some level of humility. In reality, I was 100% positive. I have blue paint samples and have been racking my brain for boy names. I have been remembering Brayden’s little boy baby clothes with anticipation of getting them out of storage. I have been looking at cute little boy toys in the stores. I was sure.

We had a tricky time getting baby to show off the gender. I wasn’t terribly concerned because of my level of confidence, but I did a little dance to get the baby to move anyway. It worked. We could see the baby. When we did the ultrasound tech said, “You guys are having a…girl.”

I replied, “What?”

“A girl,” he said again, this time with less shock. He already knew of my certainty that this was a boy, “Usually the mother is right.”

Ha! Not me. I am ALWAYS wrong. Except with Kaitlyn because by that time I had been wrong twice and was done making guesses. So I was neither right nor wrong. This time, I reverted back to my guessing ways with more force. I was wrong again. But this seemed impossible to me.

“Definitely a girl. She is doing a spread eagle for us. There are no boy parts there.”

I am no ultrasound guru, but I have seen enough to know what I am looking at. I knew he was right. That was undeniably a girl.

“Are you sure there isn’t a boy in there too?” I asked. I wasn’t kidding when I asked this question; that is how sure I was it was a boy.

He chuckled and said while that does happen, he has only been wrong about that once, and that was when the woman had three rather than two. He assured me there was only one.

I have never been more shocked in my life. When we left the hospital, I honestly couldn’t even form a complete sentence, which is the first time since I was a pre-toddler that has happened. This is the reason I do not wait until I am delivering the baby to find out the gender. I don’t do surprises. I told my husband in order for me to wait until delivery, I would have to have a lobotomy–and I wasn’t kidding!

So we are having a girl. Despite the shock (which I think by now has worn off), we are excited. Hopefully the teenage years won’t be too crazy with two girls less than two years apart from each other 🙂