Poll Results: Did/does your baby suck for soothing?


Yes, pacifier

  86 (48%)


Yes, fingers/thumb

  71 (39%)


Yes, other

  9 (5%)



  12 (6%)



Votes so far: 178 



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3 thoughts on “Poll Results: Did/does your baby suck for soothing?”

  1. My first child refused a pacifier and started sucking her thumb at 3 months or so. We've struggled to keep the thumb at bay (she's now 4), and done so by only allowing her to suck her thumb in bed. Yes, it required a lot of work watching and giving her other things to do. So we tried to get child #2 to take a pacifier. Worked for a while, then he became attached to his thumb. Sometime around 2 yrs old, he stopped sucking all together (he also, was only allowed to suck his thumb while sleeping/in bed). Child #3 took a pacifier and never became attached to her thumb. She still uses it (12 months), but only for sleeping.

  2. My son is 14 weeks old. When tired in the car seat or un-swaddled, he sucks his fist or curled up fingers. When I can sit by him in the car seat or stroller, he sucks a paci, but I have to hold it in until he settles down, and then he will keep it in for 20-30 minutes until he falls into a deeper sleep and it pops out.

  3. Chatty Housewife,My Girl was the same way. She refused to take a paci and would chew her fingers or fist until last week. We kept practicing with the paci and finally she was taking it 2-3 mins then popped it out, with more practice she takes it really well now and it has been amazing for her to fall asleep with. She's 19 weeks old now so there is hope 🙂


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