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First Time Mom Reflections…Changing Diapers First Time Mom Reflections: Easily Discouraged First Time Mom Reflections: In Your Face!

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Thumb/Finger Sucking  Weaning Thumb/Finger Sucking Poll Results: Did/does your baby suck for soothing…

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Age Spacing of Children (part II) Balancing Baby’s Needs With Family’s Needs Benefits of Having More Than One Child Dealing With Difficult Family Members Duties for Dad How to Create… View Post

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3 Key Parenting Principles that Shaped our Homeschool 4 Ways To Build Excitement About Going Back To School 5 Benefits of Helping in Class 14 Things Your Child Needs to Know… View Post

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Brayden Summaries Child Summary–5 Years Old Child Summary–5.25 Years Old Child Summary: 5.5 Years Old Child Summary: 5.75 Years Old Child Summary: 6 Years Old Child Summary: 6.25 Years Old… View Post

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Little Dresses for Africa (Let’s Giveaway!): Let’s Give Back: Christmas Giving Locks of Love Operation Smile {Let’s Give Back!} Toys for Tots {Giveback!}