12-18 Month Index

These posts all relate to the age rage of 12-18 months old.

Best Things…Stages


Discipline (see also Discipline Index)

Gear and Toys


Independent Playtime

Language Development

Learning Time


More Than Making it Through the Day

Playtime (see also “Independent Play” above)

Potty Training

McKenna Pre-Toddler Summary

Brinley Pre-Toddler Summary

Problem Solving





Thumb/Finger Sucking



2 thoughts on “12-18 Month Index”

  1. This is great! I have a 14 month old who is discovering his "frustrations" and it's great to have all these links in one place! One thing we struggle with is he wants to be outside ALL the time, which is great but not reality. If I take trash out to the garage he has a crying fit that I didn't let him go play with his wagon or if I let the dog out to potty he wants to go too. Reality is we go out for at least one playtime per day (weather permitting) but he wants to be out all the time. What do you suggest for dealing with this emotion and explaining to a 14 month old that there is a time for different activities and this just isn't it!

  2. Oh Brayden was just like that. He ALWAYS wanted to be outside. I wonder if it is a boy thing. He has always been very obedient. I remember one time him following me into the house just screaming and crying because he wanted to stay out–he was barely two. My neighbor looked at us totally bewildered. He probably wondered why my child was following me when he was so adamantly against it! Ha!What worked for Brayden was giving him fair warning. So I would tell him beforehand how long he could stay out. I would also give him a fifteen minute warning, ten minute warning, five minute warning, two minute warning…to let him know it was almost time to come in. Not all kids do well with warnings, but you could try that and see if it helps.


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