8 Ways to Stay Productive as a Work-at-Home-Mom

1. Work On the Go Always be ready to do some work when you’re out and about.  Take your laptop and charger, notebook and pencil, whatever you need to get… View Post

Babywise Enables Me to Stay Home

I have been an avid reader of Chronicles of a Babywise Mom for about 10 months now. I read Babywise when I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl, Eliana,… View Post

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Working Mom Activities

By Bethany from thegracefulmom.com Valerie and I have both written about activities, about cutting them out and adding them in. Prioritizing them and evaluating them. We have written about the… View Post

Don’t Be Discouraged By A Rough Start

image source I always knew I wanted to use Babywise, and when I found out that everyone whose parenting results I admired was also using Babywise, I was doubly convinced!… View Post

Babywise Tips for Working Parents

by Bethany Lynch from The Graceful Mom I read Babywise while pregnant with my first child. It just jived with our natural parenting philosophy and gave us structure for how… View Post

What to Do When Your Babysitter Won’t Follow Your Routine

I often get questions about what to do about a babysitter who won’t follow your outline when watching your kids and what to do about it.   First, if it… View Post