Index: Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Behavior and the Heart Externals vs. Internals Mistakes with Shaping Influences Parental Authority Selfishness and Rebellion Are Not Outgrown Shaping Influence: Family Life  

Selfishness and Rebellion Are Not Outgrown

In Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp states: “Selfishness is not outgrown. Rebellion against authority is not outgrown” (page 23). I really liked these statements when I read this book.… View Post

Mistakes with Shaping Influences

 Shepherding a Child’s Heart  talks about six influences that shape a child’s life discussed in chapter two: Structure of Family Life, Family Values, Family Roles, Family Conflict Resolution, Family Response to… View Post

Shaping Influence: Family Life

    Do you ever sit and ponder what has made you who you are? Perhaps you have put some analyzation into your spouse. What about his childhood has made… View Post

Behavior and the Heart

    “…behavior–the things he says and does–reflect his heart. If you are really to help him, you must be concerned with the attitudes of heart that drive his behavior”… View Post

Parental Authority

What is your authority role as a parent? I really thing Tedd Tripp puts it well in his book Shepherding a Child’s Heart in the introduction. He starts off by… View Post

Externals vs. Internals

In the preface to the second edition of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Trip says “Parents tend to focus on the externals of behavior rather than the internal overflow of… View Post