Structure Brings Freedom


I’ve always known that I loved Babywise and that it was great for our family. Both of our kids slept well from early on and we didn’t have much of that newborn fog that lots of parents get into because of sleep deprivation.

Now that my kids are older (almost 2 and almost 4) I am seeing the benefits on the rest of the -wise books. I have taught my kids to come to the call of my name right away every time. I have taught them that when we’re out in public they are to stay near me and not run off.

I was at the park with my two kids and a friend and her 2 year old. Her son would not stay near her and kept running off without looking back no matter how loudly she called his name. I felt badly for her having to chase him all over the park and worry about him near the pond. Meanwhilei my kids stayed near me and were able to enjoy more freedom because they have earned my trust that they will stay near and they will come when I call them.

Christine, mom to 2 and 4 year old