The Best Things About Four Year Olds

Some four year olds can be a bit emotional. Just a bit. When you are in the middle of an emotional breakdown, open this baby up and remind yourselves of all of the amazing things about four year olds.

The ten best things about four year olds

1-They Can Buckle Themselves In

They can! If your four year old isn’t doing this, work on it. You have to have patience to let your child practice. Brinley was a little hesitant to take on this new skill, but I told her she had to get it down before she could go to Kindergarten. That lit a fire and she had it. This is one of those skills that seems so small, but lifts a huge weight off of you. If you are reading this and have a three year old, give it a try with him/her.

2-They Think They Tell Jokes

This is a “best thing” that will last several years. If your four year old is exposed to jokes, he/she will try to tell her own. It will be quite clear to you that she doesn’t really get what a joke is. That makes her made up jokes hilarious.

3-They Talk With You

You have full conversations. Yes, you might not be able to not have a conversation, and that can get mentally draining. However, after years of isolation at home, a four year old having a real conversation with you adds life to your day!

4-They Mostly Walk On Their Own

This can be a bit of a tear-jerker, but the back feels happy enough that it quickly pushes those tears to the side. No more stairs. You can go somewhere without a stroller if you have to. Life gets a bit more liberating.

5-They Want to Be Helpful

They want to do things to help you. When you ask for assistance, they readily hop into action. You appreciate this a lot more when you have children older than four living in your home.

6-They Want to Be Independent

Four year olds have a desire for some independence. They want to demonstrate that they are big. They want to go to the potty alone, brush teeth alone, buckle themselves, get dressed, walk instead of being carried, etc.

7-They Can Go Places With You and Reasonably Behave

The ten best things about four year olds
All of our children as four year olds.

When Brinley was an early four year old, I tried taking her to my dentist appointment. I brought a stack of books and had her sit on the chair in the corner while my teeth were cleaned. She was great! She sat in the chair the whole time. Four year olds have enough self control and are obedient enough that they can come to your appointments or other events with little stress. Their self-control is very strong by this point.

8-They Remember Everything

This might not always be a “best thing,” but a four year old can remember basically everything. If you make a promise, she remembers. She remembers fun things you did. She can remind you of things you are sure to forget (“Be sure to remind me we need some pickles when we go to the store!”).

9-They Ask Really Smart Questions

You start to see the way your child’s brain works with the questions he asks as a four year old. Four year olds have larger vocabularies and are able to express themselves. This means stories have more detail and questions have more depth. We are way beyond “why.” Your four year old will ask you questions you have never thought of yourself in life. You will find yourself quite impressed with her intellect.

10-They Are the End of the “Young Years”

Four years old is the last of the young years. There is so much perfection to the age of four. There is still “baby-ish” behavior where they want to be carried at times. They love to cuddle in your lap. They also love to play with toys. They still have that zest for life and find every activity exciting. With that is a newfound independence where they can do many things on their own. It is a golden age.

Did I miss your favorite? What do you love about four year olds?

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