Best Things About Three Year Olds


Two and three year olds are my favorites. Sure, you get a lot of tantrums with these years, but there is so much fun, also. I have already talked about my favorite things about two year olds, and today it is the three year olds turn. Here are my ten favorite things about three year olds.


1-They Can Dress Themselves

I talked about how two year olds can undress themselves…three year olds take it up a notch by dressing themselves. This is super awesome, especially if you are pregnant or if you have other children. You can give your three year old some clothes, attend to another child, and viola! Your three year old is dressed! Things might end up backward and shoes might be on the wrong feet, but the independence is coming. You can breath a tiny bit more. 


2-They Say Things Incorrectly

Kaitlyn called Parmesan cheese “farmer on the cheese.” Brayden called one piece of cheese “chee”. The “Th” sound often comes out “f” instead. These are cute things that you will indeed miss when your child gets older and starts saying things correctly. 


3-They Can Be Helpful With Chores

As a three year old, Brayden could vacuum a room and I didn’t have to re-do it. Three year olds can actually start to contribute to chores. Three year olds can clear the table and can pick up after themselves. They can be depended on to put their shoes away every time they come home (so long as you teach that and require it!). This is just another small thing that is happening with three year olds that start to lift some of the dependence off of you and allows some growth in the child. 


4-They Laugh So Easily

These three year olds start to find things amusing, and they easily laugh at things. Their giggles are squeals of delight and the let those giggles loose freely.


5-They Forgive Readily

Even though we are parents, we make mistakes. These little ones forgive our mistakes readily. And they forgive fully. They don’t say they forgive but hold that secret grudge. They forgive, move on, and trust you fully. Their forgiving hearts are truly a lesson to us all.


6-They Have Cute Little Hands

This is something you probably appreciate more about the three year old when you have older children as well, but these little three year olds still have the tiny hands that fit fully inside yours. Those hand-holds are precious and will be something you miss in years to come. 


7-They Start to Have Sympathy…Maybe Even Empathy

It used to be that when you were sick, it was kind of a miracle if your child even noticed, much less showed concern. The three year old will start to care about others and have some concern for the feelings and state of other people Don’t get me wrong, they still live in a very self-centered sort of state, but you start to see them come out of it during this year. Those are tender moments when you see your three year old gently patting another person who is upset. 


8-They Copy People

Your three year old will strongly copy the people he/she looks up to. You will noticed little ticks and nuances of your spouse, your older child, your mom, and yourself! You will see your three year old doing something over and over, in a very exaggerated way, and try to figure out where on earth she got it from. Imitation is the highest form of flattery! 


9-They Can Start to Do Activities

Three is a common age when children start activities like a dance class without mom or dad there the whole time. Most three year olds are typically okay with Mom leaving them some place for a short time, and they enjoy having a fun activity to do. Now, if you have a three year old, it doesn’t mean you NEED to do an activity outside of the home. But it is an age where if you feel like your child would like it, it is pretty easy to do.


10-They Have a Zest For Life

Three year olds just enjoy life. They are happy and optimistic. They have amazing imaginations that can help them to be content anywhere they are. They love life. They are still absorbing so much of the world around them and they find things so very interesting. They aren’t moody. They love simple things in life. Playing with toys is one of life’s most cherished adventures. They are easy to please and usually pleased. 


What are your favorite things about three year olds?



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