4 Must-Try Newborn Wake Window Activities

Get four ideas of things to do with your newborn (age 0-3 months) during playtime each day. Learn how the activity will benefit your newborn and tips for success.

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by Sarah at The Little Bloomer

Are you searching for ways to enrich your newborn’s wake windows with engaging and developmental activities? I am excited to share some fantastic activities that you can incorporate during your newborn’s wake windows to enhance their growth and learning. Today, we’re featuring the Little Bloomer Play Boxes, specifically their Little Dreamer Box, which is packed with developmental baby toys designed to enrich these short but crucial periods of alertness.

Baby at a mobile

1. Cognitive Development: Discovering the World Through the Mobile

Developmental Focus: Visual development and sensory stimulation.

Activity:  The mobile is more than just a decoration—it’s a developmental tool designed to awaken your baby’s curiosity and cognitive skills. Securely hang it above your baby’s play area, where the high-contrast patterns and gentle movements engage their senses. This activity is crucial for enhancing your baby’s ability to track moving objects, a fundamental skill that supports later abilities such as reading and hand-eye coordination.

Expert Insight: “Engaging with a mobile enhances not only visual tracking but also cognitive development by introducing concepts like spatial awareness and object permanence early on. The dynamic movement of the mobile captivates attention in a way that captures a baby’s attention, making it a powerful learning tool during wake windows.” explains Sarah Szuminski, Little Bloomer’s Early Childhood and Play Expert.

Baby playing with toys

2. Physical Development: Side-Lying Exploration on the Activity Mat

Developmental Focus: Gross Motor Development

Activity: Lay your baby on their side in front of the 3-in-1 activity mat from the Little Dreamer Box, ensuring they are comfortable and secure. Introduce the High Contrast Cards, designed to captivate your baby’s attention and stimulate visual tracking. Switching sides regularly promotes balanced muscular development and flexibility. If your baby needs extra support, a rolled blanket can provide stability, making this a safe and enriching environment for physical exploration.

Expert Insight: “Physical therapy experts often suggest side-lying as an important position for newborns to avoid flat spots and to develop neck strength. Incorporating tactile and visual stimulation while in this position further enhances motor skills and sensory integration, which are critical during the first months of life.” explains Sarah Szuminski.

Baby reading a book

3. Language Development: Interactive Reading with the Peek-a-Bloom Book

Developmental Focus: Auditory skills and language acquisition.

Activity:  Language skills begin to form long before your baby speaks their first words. Using the Peek-a-bloom board book, engage in interactive reading sessions. “Narrating the vivid black and white images helps your baby connect sounds and words with visuals,” suggests Sarah Szuminski. As you read, point to and name the characters and actions, making reading a dynamic and interactive experience.

Expert Insight: “Early language exposure through reading is vital. It helps develop listening skills, enhances vocabulary, and introduces babies to language patterns, all of which are important for later speech development. The interactive nature of reading with your baby fosters an enriching language-rich environment that is crucial for language growth while promoting caregiver and baby bonding.”

Baby playing with a toy

4. Social Development: Bonding with the Bloom Buddy Stroller Toy

Developmental Focus: Sensory exploration, sense of security

Activity:  Social development in newborns is nurtured through interaction with their environment, particularly through comforting and engaging toys. The Bloom Buddy Stroller Toy is designed with features like stretchy legs and varied textures to stimulate your baby’s tactile senses and emotional connection. Encourage your baby to explore this toy during relaxed, happy moments, fostering a sense of security and curiosity.

Expert Insight: “Interactive toys like the Bloom Buddy are fantastic for teaching babies about cause and effect while also fostering basic communication skills. As babies explore and manipulate sensory toys, they are also learning vital social interaction skills and building emotional understanding through play.” explains Szuminski

Wrap-Up: Why the Little Dreamer Box?

Choosing the Little Bloomer Play Box for your newborn means providing them with an array of developmental tools specifically curated to support their growth. Each toy is designed to be both educational and engaging, ensuring that your baby’s wake windows are full of discovery and joy.

Ready to transform your newborn’s wake windows into developmental adventures? Visit Little Bloomer to learn more about the Little Dreamer Box and subscribe today for a journey filled with growth, development, and fun!

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