Baby Stuff I Love: DVDs

I had a request for a list of my children’s favorite shows to watch. Brayden can pretty much interest himself in anything that is on the television at this age (3.5). Kaitlyn still doesn’t really watch the television at all (18 months). She will watch for about 5 minutes, then she is done. Brayden was the same way at this age. He didn’t watch a show (20-30 minutes in length) until he was between 19-20 months. Kaitlyn does, however, have some shows she prefers.

There is really no shortage of shows available out there. I would suggest if you buy shows for your children that you find shows that have content your child will be interested in. Also, find shows that you approve of. A great resource for previewing shows is PBS. I love the shows on PBS (well, I don’t really like Barney…just because it drives me crazy 😉 ). You can buy most if not all of these shows on DVD for your child to watch. Another great resource for previewing shows is the library. We check out a video or two at the library each time we go.

  • Bob the Builder: Brayden absolutely loves this show. Kaitlyn also enjoys it and it will capture her interest for a few minutes. This show is about building things and the characters learn how to work together and work hard. There are a lot of social lessons in this show. Bob the Builder
  • Baby Einstein: These videos have long screens that don’t change constantly and can be educational. Baby Einstein
  • Clifford: This is a great show to teach about interpersonal relationships as well as morals. Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Curious George: When Brayden was younger, this was his favorite. He still likes it though it isn’t his favorite anymore. Kaitlyn enjoys it. This show teaches science, math, and problem solving. Curious George
  • Elmo’s World: This was also one of Brayden’s favorite when he was younger. At this age, he usually is not happy about it going on but once it is on, he loves it. This is Kaitlyn’s favorite right now. We have DVDs of Elmo’s World. The DVDs typically have 3 shows per DVD. They take the segment off of Sesame Street and just have Elmo’s World. This show teaches a large variety of things, from caring for pets, to drawing, to how to wash your hands. The DVDs are grouped by subject (for example, one we have is Hands, Ears, and Feet). Elmo’s World
  • Leap Frog: I love these DVDs. These are also favorites of both children. They have four or five videos that are quite educational. You can buy them all together online. My mom first gave us the Letter Factory. This is the first one. It teaches phonics. There is also the Storybook factory where it teaches to read, and others about various reading/word techniques and also a math one. Leap Frog
  • Super Why: We don’t own any Super Why, but watch it on PBS. This show is great for teaching letters. Brayden really likes it. Super Why!
  • The Polar Express: Brayden loves this movie, which is no surprise since he loves trains so much. The Polar Express
  • Thomas and Friends: This is a favorite of Brayden’s. It is also a show Kaitlyn will watch. It teaches social skills, work ethic, and moral skills such as honesty. There is no shortage of Thomas videos out there. Thomas and Friends
  • Tonka Tough Trucks: This is a short movie. Brayden just loves this movie. It is one we borrowed from the library. He requested it so often we decided to give it to him for Christmas last year. Tonka Tough Truck
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: This is a classic. Both children enjoy this. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • There Goes A…: This series of videos includes many titles such as “There Goes a Truck,” “There Goes A Train,” and “There Goes A Boat.” There are many more (firetruck, loader, plane…). These aren’t movies we own, but we always have one from the library. They are live action and all educational. I find them to not be that interesting, but everyone else in the family (including Kaitlyn) really enjoys them. There Goes A…
  • Word World: We don’t own this, but DVR it for Brayden to watch (it is on during his independent play). He loves it. It teaches about reading and interpersonal relationships. Word World
  • Disney: While I love Disney movies, you do have to be careful about them. There are always mean people and often language I don’t like (like in 101 Dalmatians they say the word “idiot” constantly). Just be careful before you put them in. It is a good idea if you have your child watch these shows to sit with them and talk about what is and isn’t appropriate. Disney

There are many, many more videos out there. Never ending. I am sure you noticed there aren’t any “girly” shows listed and that is because Kaitlyn doesn’t watch shows. Many of these listed are gender neutral, and Kaitlyn really enjoys the shows about trains and trucks also.

Please share any great videos you have found!

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