McKenna Baby Summary: Week 26

Schedule and routine for a 25-26 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your baby’s day.

26 week old baby McKenna and her dad

Things are still going really well. We moved to a new house this week and McKenna didn’t seem to bat an eye. Here is a summary of our week.


Everything remains the same. You may wonder why I say that every week :). I do it to show and assure you that milk supply is fine and she is growing fine. We are having no issues, and since “you will lose milk supply” is a common claim of the anti-babywise folks, I like to continue to point out that everything is fine.

Not only is everything fine, but everything is fine amid the stress of moving, packing, unpacking, me forgetting to eat…everything is still going well. But now that we are more settled, I am making sure to focus on eating right and drinking what I should.


She still slept the same. I had to wake her each morning and she slept through the night just fine. This was nice because I fully expected to have some nights of disruption due to the move (and that is totally normal), but she seems to be quite adaptable.


This week, I introduced McKenna to green beans and pears. She liked both. She seems to have a special delight in pears, and who can blame her! They taste like candy when they are ripe, and’tis the season for ripe pears! I know I posted this over the weekend, but if you didn’t see it, now is the time to make pears! Pears will last for one year in your freezer, so no matter the age of your baby (or unborn baby) right now, so long as your baby will reach the age of solids before one year from now, you can use them!


We didn’t have any disruptions to sleep this week due to rolling.

26 week old sample schedule Pinnable image


We still have the dreamfeed, but we are feeding at 10:15 and moving it back. I have to wake her for it. I wanted to wait two weeks after starting the four hour schedule before dropping it fully, and I also wanted to wait a week or two after moving. Her six month appointment will be soon, along with vaccinations, so I am deciding if I should try to have it dropped before then, or if I should wait to have it fully dropped until after then. I am pondering over that right now. Either way, we are on our way.


She is still doing well with the four hour schedule. It has been nice to have long chunks of time to pack and unpack.


I plan to do a moving tips post, but I will discuss some of our moving experience here. McKenna did really well with the move. The first day, she did cry for a couple of seconds (literally) when I put her in her bed, but other than that she was fine.

While we were moving and remodeling, she spent a lot of time at my parent’s house. She didn’t like sleeping there at first. She cried before naps. But she soon got used to it. Prior to this experience, she really didn’t sleep anywhere other than her crib in her room. During the experience, she slept at my parent’s in their crib and in their closet. She also slept in my neighbor’s closet. So she got used to sleeping all over the place. I want to be sure to keep up moving her around to sleep so she maintains her flexibility.


8:00 AM–wake, nurse, eat 2-3 T prunes and 1 T peaches mixed with 3 T oatmeal (3 T dry before mixed with water).

9:00-9:10 AM–nap

12:00 PM–wake, nurse, eat about 4 T green veggie and 4-8 T banana (she will eat an entire banana. She loves them).

1:15-1:30 PM–nap

4:00 PM–wake, nurse, eat about 4 T yellow veggie and 4 T pears. I then offer 2 T oatmeal and let her eat until full. She usually doesn’t eat much oatmeal, but I offer it to see if she is still hungry.

6:00 PM–(sometimes she is tired between 5:30 and 6:00, in which case I put her down) nap

8:00 PM–wake, nurse, change into PJs, story, bed

10:15 PM–dreamfeed

Babywise Schedule Week 26 Pinnable Image