McKenna Baby Summary: Week 27


Schedule and routine for a 26-27 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your baby’s day.

6 month old McKenna

This week was another good week. Highly uneventful, though 🙂 McKenna is now 6 months old! I cannot believe it. I cannot believe that in another six months, she will be one!


Nursing is still good. Nothing new to report.


Nighttime sleep is still good. Nothing new. I still wake her each morning.

27 week old schedule pinnable image


This week, I didn’t introduce any new foods to McKenna. I still have some I want to introduce, but I just didn’t do any this week.


We are still having the dreamfeed. I have decided to wait until after the doctor appointment to drop it completely, but I also really want it gone before the time change. Feedings were at 10:10 this week.

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Things are still going well.

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I keep forgetting to mention McKenna’s great love of stories right now. She especially loves touch and feel stories.


I also keep forgetting to mention that I have started showing signs to McKenna. I just sign “more,” “all done,” and “please” to her.

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I also keep forgetting to mention that I have introduced McKenna to the sippy cup. She has gotten the idea that you suck from it from the start, which is much faster than Brayden or Kaitlyn were. She gives the sippy cup a weird look after she gets some water from it.

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Our schedule remains pretty much the same.

8:00 AM–wake, nurse, eat 2-3 T prunes and 1 T peaches mixed with 3 T oatmeal
9:10 AM–nap
12:00 PM–wake, nurse, eat about 4 T green veggie and about 4 T banana
1:30 PM–nap
4:00 PM–wake, nurse, eat about 4 T yellow veggie, 4 T peaches or pears, and then 1-2 T oatmeal (sometimes she eats one bite only of oatmeal).
6:00 PM–nap
8:00 PM–wake, nurse, change into PJs, story, bed
10:10 PM–dreamfeed

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27 week Babywise Schedule Pinnable Image



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