Babywise: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


I wrote in during a previous call for success stories, but believe my success story needs updating! Shortly before my son was born, I received the book as a gift from a friend with a strong suggestion to try it out because it  had worked so well for both of her children. We started the Babywise plan when my son was six weeks old and by seven weeks he was sleeping through the night. He is now 20 months old and is still such a great sleeper! Even when he started daycare four days a week a few months ago, he had no problem transitioning to their one long afternoon nap and to this day is always the last one up! Like clockwork he goes down just after lunch and sleeps until 3, then he comes home happy and well-rested, but still ready for bed by. I truly believe that his easy going personality has a lot to do with the Babywise schedule we put him on way back when. 


Thank you so much for your website because not only does it come in handy for me, but I always recommend it to friends!



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