Babywise Success Stories Week 2017

It is here! Babywise Success Stories Week! I absolutely love hearing about the success people have with their children and families. Sometimes, it is a huge shift and significantly changes life. I have had those moments. Sometimes it is something so small that it can almost seem like it isn’t that big of a deal, but it still makes a positive impact on family life. I have had those moments, too. 


Babywise Success Stories Week 2017

Parenting is never easy. Babywise helps make it easier, but it isn’t a magic wand that takes away all difficulty from parenting. There are still bad days. There are still rough naps. There are still sleepless nights at times. Those moments still come. They just come less frequently. Life becomes more manageable. 


I hope you enjoy reading these success stories this week. I hope you see how life has improved for people with their successes. I hope you also see that these are everyday people simply improving life for their families. Every step we can take to simplify the parenting process is a step we can take toward being better parents who have the patience and wherewithal to respond to the difficulties that will come. 


A big thank you to everyone who sent in stories! I love reading them and appreciate the time you have taken to sending them in. If you are reading along and really wish you had sent one, I can add more to what is scheduled, so feel free to email me your story at [email protected].


If you would like to share success on social media, post it with #BabywiseSuccess . I will re-post anything public. You can also tag me to ensure I see it. 


I can’t tell you how many big and little moments I can see in my life as I look back on the last 12 years of parenting. I have gone from no sleep to great sleep. I have managed a reflux baby and actually slept! I have gone through witching hour, gas pains, and growth spurts. I have survived wise in own eyes, backtalk, and the never ending “why.” I have gleaned great ideas for prepping my preschoolers for school. I have known how to balance freedoms. I have developed strong relationships with my preteens. 


Something I can’t express enough appreciation for is Independent Playtime. This has helped me consistently through my parenting years. Still today, and especially in summer, it is a sanity saver for me. I am able to still have 60 minutes to myself where my train of thought will not get interrupted. It is an hour when I can work on something without being pulled away to help a child with something. Those 60 minutes help me be a more patient mom. That is major success! 


Stay tuned for more stories. We will have several each day this week. Enjoy!

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