Babywise totally saved my life.

Some friends recommended it to me before my son was born, but my mind was still on all things pregnancy so I didn’t think much about it.

All it took was 3 weeks – 3 weeks of not knowing what to do with a newborn baby while being absolutely sleep-deprived and hormonal. I was losing my mind. I experienced  crazy baby blues and post-partum depression. It felt like someone had taken my life away from me. There was no structure to my day and I had no idea what I was doing.


Then, I had a little flashback and remembered my friends suggesting this book. I didn’t care what it was or what it said, but I was going to read it. I needed answers.

As I read it, I started implementing different concepts in the book. It was amazing. I was automatically seeing results and I felt like a new person. Within days of starting Babywise, my son was sleeping 5-6 hours straight at night. By 2 months, he was sleeping 8 hours at night. 


I think a common misconception about Babywise is that it’s too rigid. It provides routine and schedule, yes, but you can mold it to fit your baby’s needs. My son has dealt with extreme acid reflux all of his life and just now (at almost 8 months) it’s starting to calm down. His reflux influenced a lot of different factors in our day and we were able to make Babywise work perfectly for us.


Thanks, Valerie, for the time you put into your blog. You have certainly helped me! I can’t say enough positive things about Babywise. I recommend it to all of my friends and I write about my experience on my blog ( Come check it out!



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