#BabywiseSuccess Grand Finale

I love finishing up #babywisesuccess stories week with a lot of various comments from you readers on your successes. I am sure you will read through these and see most if not all of these in your own life. Here is what you said on Facebook:


Joy said: I love that my 2-year old plays happily in his room by himself for an hour and fifteen minutes every morning. My 1-year old is doing a great job of playing by herself for 45-minutes each day, as well. I love that it teaches my children independence. 


I love that I can make plans because I know when my children will be sleeping. It’s not a guessing game around here. Consistent naps and bedtimes are such a blessing.


Beth said: I love that even though my son is 6 now, I still see benefits from using Babywise. I’m so thankful we did the work in the beginning.


Vanessa said: We love playpen time/roomtime! It’s amazing how many skills and abilities our daughter has taught herself when all alone to practice! She loves to read, build, and practice talking/making animal noises – at 16 only months!!


Sheena said: I believe knowing about naps and the eat wake nap cycle caused my nursing relationship to last over a year..with my first.i caved after three months because i “fed on demand” not knowing babies needed to be put down for naps


Kimberly said: I loved learning about setting a wake time. And I love having a son who goes to bed and nap time without fuss. He wakes up happy and is well rested. I am definitely going to use Babywise with our new babies!


Jillian said: I love that it gives you a plan, and tells you what to expect. There are definitely times as a mom I still feel like I don’t know what’s going on/what to do, but Babywise helped make that the exception, and not the rule. It gave me a lot of confidence.


Steffi said:  I love that my kids will sleep ANYWHERE as long as it is on schedule. All my friends have troubles with their kids sleep during vacations and being somewhere else than home. We could even get our kids to nap at an airport lounge last year 

smile emoticon


Kari said: The thing we loved the most about bw was that one we established a good schedule, our children were happier. If we had to move away from the schedule for a day or two, like when we moved, they were able to bounce back to it easily. 

With predictability, I was able to plan our days better so I wasn’t having to nurse while grocery shopping or worry about alone time with my husband being interrupted. When allowed to nurture our relationship as husband and wife, we are able to be better parents to our children. Everyone is happier with bw.


Kathy said: Having an almost 6 year old that transitioned seamlessly from nap-time to quite-time when most of my friend’s kids “quit napping at 2”.

and Kari replied: Yes!!!

My son is almost 5 and recently stopped napping, but loves his quiet time.
A friend with a child the same age complained that her then 2 year old just didn’t want to nap anymore. So oh well, she didn’t nap. She let the child rule. 
Then she was baffled at why their afternoons were no unhappy.


Alexia said: Jesus and Babywise saved me and gave me a hope. I am able to be with my husband and hang out at night while my kids sleep. We watch movies and read and I still can get 8 hours of sleep.


Paula said: I love that my 4 year old can sleep through the night no matter what and that even he knows when he is too tired to stay up. He knows his routine and even though he doesn’t like to go to sleep he recognizes his tiredness. I love that.


Megan said:  I love that I had a plan the first day we brought my little miss home and so happy we stuck with the plan, even when it seemed over kill. Now, I love that my 5 month old will nap anywhere, as long as she has a comfortable spot to lay and is sleeping ten hours through the night! I would have been lost without baby wise!


Katie said: I love the relative predictability Babywise provides. When my baby cries, I am able to determine whether or not he is hungry, tired, or something else based on where we are in each cycle. I also know he will fall asleep when and where I need him to!


Christine said:  I love that it helps me to know my baby (and what he needs) better. 


Carrie said: I love that we can go on a trip and be off schedule and it takes about one day to get right back on! My kids are fantastic listeners and well behaved children. Baby wise let me meet their needs before it became a demand, so we never got to the crying point of hunger or tiredness. My kids cry so little that people actual comment on it!


Christine said: I loved that babywise gave me confidence as a new mom because I was able to predict my baby’s needs. Full feedings didn’t leave me guessing if my baby was hungry all the time.


Dawn said: I love how it takes most of the guess work out of taking care of baby. Having a schedule is freeing! Especially since I had twins. Also having babies that sleep well is amazing. So many people say, “Oh you’re so lucky.” I just smile and say “yes,we are.” but I know it has a lot to do with Babywise.


Gina said: When I was a first time mom, I loved how babywise gave me a plan. They just send you home with this baby and no instruction manual. I felt like I knew what to do-get the baby to eat a full meal and go from there. Now that I have a newborn and a toddler, I love that we are all getting sleep!

and Jennie said:  Took the words right out of my mouth.

and Jillian said: Ditto!!!

and Rachele said:  I agree!!!


Kathy said: Also, blanket/room time enabled us to complete a home improvement project (taking down the patio cover) and finish before nap time so we could then nap too.

Joelle said: I love the peace and freedom that babywise gives to our family! The time it gives to me and my husband! And that no matter how many babies you have, it works great for all of them! 

Also love signs language, high chair manners, independant playtime…
 I could go on ….! 

My babies are nice to be around because they are well rested, well fed and they know how to communicate !

I thank God for all the blessings that babywise brought us!

Ps: love your blog! And I sometimes share your posts on our church’s moms group!

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