The Very Best Things about 12-15 Month Olds

The ten very best things about 12-15 month olds. There are always things to love about every age and stage. What to love about pretoddlers.

pretoddler McKennna  being thrown in the air

This can be a hard age–especially if it is your first child.

The now pre-toddler is more mobile and has more of a mind of her own, so she is often requiring more redirection and you will likely encounter your first little tantrum during this time period.

There are so many things to appreciate in this time period, though, both from what the child is learning and what the child is not yet doing.

Things I love about Pre-Toddlers

So on this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share things I  LOVE about this age.

  1. Still small and cuddly: The child this age is still small and cuddly. I know not all children cuddle, but they are small enough to easily have in your lap or arms and be comfortably wrapped up by you.
  2. Trying new foods: With the first birthday behind her, she will be able to try all sorts of new foods. I find it very fun and exciting to see how my children like these new tastes and textures.
  3. Better physical skills: It is fun to watch your child get better at walking, feeding self with a spoon, and the other physical skills she is starting to pick up on.
  4. Enjoys having fun: The child in this age range is really starting to love sliding, swinging, and other fun activities you envisioned your child doing when you were first pregnant.
  5. Easily entertained: The child in this age range is still easily entertained. I remember McKenna could sit happily in a sandbox for over an hour–no toys needed. The sandbox was enough.
  6. Growing interest in kid stuff: In addition to the playground, your child will show more interest and ability in things like coloring. 
  7. Better communication skills: Your child will be better at communicating verbally and non-verbally. You will better be able to tell that she understands you. And anyone with older children appreciates that despite this language growth, and even with some little tantrums, the child this age is still not really back-talking.
  8. Follows instructions: The child in this age range can typically follow a 1-3 step command process. This is fun because not only is she able to listen to your instruction, but it further shows you her language comprehension.
  9. More playful with toys: Your child will start to be able to build small towers with blocks and just play in general with toys more. It is fun to watch.
  10. Excited about life: This is true for children in this age range and for quite a while forward. They are so excited about life and so fascinated with things we take for granted: a moving leaf, the blades of grass, the blue sky, the feel of a breeze…I love watching this discovery process!

What about you? What are your favorites from this age group?

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