4 Year Blogiversary!

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When I created that first post, I had no idea (or ambition) for this blog to become what it has. I was just trying to help a small group of moms on Yahoo! find answers faster.

I am so glad to be able to help out parents be the best parents they can be and love being parents!

Thank you for your support and kind words!

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11 thoughts on “4 Year Blogiversary!”

  1. I have been wanting to say this for a while now and this seems like an appropriate post to do so!I have two daughters ages 2.5 yrs and 3 months – both are babywise babies (my oldest from 3 mo on, youngest from birth) and both are adopted (from birth.I am so thankful for you and this blog! My girls are both on a very predictable, consistant schedule and are so happy.The amazing thing is that my youngest daughter was born addicted to methadone which has made her stomach extremely sensitive and, as a result, she has reflux-like symptoms. Despite her "tummy troubles" she is the happiest baby you will ever meet. She is ALWAYS smiling and rarely cries! (Seriously. I mean that. She never 'just cries and cries and cries'. It is a whimper here and there because she doesn't like getting dressed or something like that.)I credit this to doing Babywise with her from day one (since she left the NICU at 9 days old). Her needs are always met before she has to ask for anything. And because her feeding/sleeping patterns are stabalized, her "tummy troubles" have stabalized as well. Does that make sense? :)We are "behind" in meeting the BW milestones but that is to be expected with her stomach issues, I believe.Our biggest challenge is that she needs to eat less more frequently, so she is still on a 3 hr schedule eating just 3-3.5 oz per feed. She still has the dreamfeed and she still has that 4/5am (ish) feed. (Although she did drop it around 10-11 weeks for a week or so until a 12 week growth spurt. Then she dropped it at week 13 again, but has now started that feed again. She will be 15 weeks Tuesday and is approx. 12 lbs.)I am soooooooo ready for her to be STTN, but I am having to be patient as her tummy continues to heal. Any suggestions you have to help her NOT need this 5am (ish) feed would be much appreciated. Here is her schedule now (at 15 weeks):8am eat9-11 nap11 eat12-2 nap2 eat3-5 nap5pm eat6:15-7:30 (although she has started waking around 6:45/7/7:15 most days)8pm bath8:15/8:30 eat8:45/9pm in bed12am dreamfeed4/5am (ish) eat (if she wakes in the 6am hour, which she sometimes does, I only give her an ounce)*She is formula fed.Thank you Valerie for this blog. It is a tremendous blessing to my entire family.Elainewww.faithfully.infertile.com

  2. Hi Elaine! Im just a reader of this blog but I have one suggestion to try: Try dreamfeeding at 10-10:30 pm. By midnight, it's a "mid-night meal" which often disrupts their sleep.

  3. LOL – Elaine, I just went to your blog link and I realized I know you! Or rather, I know your blog. I've been reading your blog for about 6-9 months or so. Love you!! Congrats on your two beautiful girls.

  4. I am new to this and wish with everything I had looked into babywise years ago. I am still very confident its not too late to use your techniques with my older children. I want obedient children with repentant hearts. My youngest just turned 2 and I just started the "yes mommy" last week and I can't believe how quick she caught on. I am reading everything about FTO also knowing it starts with my marriage and my attitude. I'm so thankful for other moms out there with the same goal!! Thank you for all your time and effort you out into your blog!!

  5. Congratulations Valerie…I have a 7 mo dear son and as a new mom I have been pouring over your blog since I found it 4 months ago (I think I may have read all your posts by now!) I find reading about your experience with Babywise so valuable and such a great compliment to my using the Baby Whisperer method with my son. The issue with reading any child-rearing book is that books can't help with the 'exceptions' and you can't ask a book a question, that's why blogs like yours are so helpful. I have not yet left you a comment, but what better time than now to do so. Thank you!Tori

  6. Happy Blogiversary! What a big resource this blog has become! I've said before it has been a blessing to me, and to many, many others.

  7. Dave and Elaine,She might just need time.You can also see the post "early morning feedings before waketime" for ideas on getting rid of that feeding if she doesn't need it. You also might find luck with moving bedtime closer to 8 PM. I would strongly suggest you do the dreamfeed in the 10 PM hour. The Baby Whisperer says that a dreamfeed after 11 PM will disrupt sleep. Good luck!


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