Brinley Preschooler Summary: {4 Years 2 Months}

This is a summary for Brinley in her second month as a four year old.


Sleep was great. During this month, Brinley started preschool. Her preschool starts in morning but ends in afternoon. Because of that, a nap on preschool days can be tricky. I decided to introduce rest time to her on those days. She is a big fan of rest time. On days that aren’t preschool days, we do nap still, and she typically does sleep on nap days.


Eating is good and continuing on as usual.


Swimming lessons was great! We might have a break for a bit; there is a new high school in the valley this year, and long story short, they need to use our pool. That means lessons couldn’t start until 7:30, which isn’t a great time with bedtime and all. So we will be hit and miss for several months.


Dance is great!


Brinley also started playgroup this month. In my neighborhood, we will do a playgroup with the kids the same age. We usually do it as 3 year olds; this is two years before kindergarten starts for them. Those who don’t do preschool will often continue on and do it with preschoolers the next year.

Brinley is the oldest among the children her age in the neighborhood. There is a boy two weeks older and the rest are in the range for the grade younger than Brinley. So for all of them, it is the right age. For Brinley, it is a bit younger. But there are no older kids.

Brinley is loving playgroup. We each take a turn hosting. This year, we are doing it by month. It is fun for them to learn some preschool things and have some socializing among peers.


Brinley loves preschool, to put it mildly. Super loves. For the first week, she wouldn’t eat lunch because she was sure she would be late for school if she took the time to eat. She is loving every minute.

The first day, she came home and just collapsed in an emotional heap on the floor. This is not uncommon. Talk about a stimulation overload! I just picked her up and hugged her until she was done (remember my post on emotional four year olds last week...). She hasn’t done it since, and she was great at school that day. She just had to let all of that emotion out when she got home that first day.

This leaves me with a couple of hours a few times a week. I had a friend ask if I am having trouble filling that time. Not at all! I spent the first week able to play some catch up. After that, I was helping with a fundraiser at school every day during preschool. Today I am back at home during that time. I am yet to get to a point of bored or even past a point of catch up, but it is helping me be able to be ready to bring on the full family return after school.

Life is always fun with sisters on hand!


Here is what was pretty consistent for non-school days:

8:30 or 9:00–wake up/get ready/eat breakfast
9:30–play with siblings
usually independent play for an hour in between now and lunch
12:00 –lunch. Then play.
4:30 or 5:00–Wake up. Eat dinner. Then family time.
8:00–Get ready for bedtime
8:30 or 9:00–Bedtime

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