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Independent Playtime for the School-Aged Child

Independent Playtime is one of my favorite things from Babywise. What is not to love? Your child plays for about an hour a day–alone. This gives you an extra hour… View Post

Kaitlyn Preteen Summary: 8.5 Years Old

  This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 8.25-8.5 years old.   EATING Eating is going well. It kind of feels like it has taken years, but she has definitely… View Post

Brayden Preteen Summary: 10.25 Years Old

This is a summary for Brayden from age 10 to age 10 and a quarter (the first three months of 10).   EATING Eating continues on as usual. He loves… View Post

Kaitlyn Preteen Summary {8.25 Years Old}

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 8-8.25 years old. This post contains affiliate links.   EATING Eating is the same. She eats well, but she does not naturally love… View Post

Reader Sample Schedules: 9-12 year olds (Preteens)

Comment on this post to add your individual children’s sample schedules. Please include the age for the sample schedule. As you comment, I will organize the sample schedules into the main body… View Post

Brayden Preteen Summary: 10 Years Old

You guys! He is ten–that is 10. That is double digits. It takes two numbers to tell how old he is. EATING Eating is going well. You know the saying… View Post

Private Interviews with Children

  Each week, we set aside one night that is our family night. We call this Family Home Evening. This year, we have started a new tradition. The first week of… View Post