Kaitlyn Preteen Summary: 11.5 Years Old

11.5 year old preteen girl information. Dealing with friends, school, extra curricular, development, and more.

11.5 year old preteen girl sitting on a fence.

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 11.25 to 11.5 years old.


Everything is the same for Kaitlyn. She hasn’t had any major changes in any realm. She isn’t eating more. She isn’t eating less.


Sleeping continues to be great. I predict Kaitlyn will be that teenager who could sleep in to noon on the weekends. She just is a great sleeper and already can easily sleep until 9 AM…which at our house feels very late. Even Brayden at 13 rarely makes it to 8 AM. The three oldest people in our house are major morning people. I am going to have to research sleep for teenagers so I am willing to let her sleep as late as is reasonably needed by a teenager without thinking she is being lazy.


A super interesting aspect of parenting children as they get older is knowing how to respond when there are conflicts with friends. It is hard to not not completely mama bear it up when you hear a friend is being a punk. You have to step back, be rational, and give sound advice if it is wanted. You have to be willing to just listen that is what is wanted. Starting in fourth grade, friend drama starts to be more serious and that continues on through the teen years as we all know.

Kaitlyn hasn’t had major drama. She has days she comes home and someone has been moody or snippy. She is pretty naturally good at being a peach maker, so she usually navigates things well. My encouragement is more to help her know she can be kind and still stand up for herself if needed.


This time period was partially in summer and partially in school year. Here are the things she participated in.

Soccer. Soccer was the entire time. She practiced soccer through the summer. She participated in a soccer tournament in the summer. Her team went to the championship game, went into overtime, and ended up in a shootout situation. They lost by one in the shootout. It was a great match. Her Fall soccer season is not yet over; she will play a couple more games. She has been playing goalie. She plays half of a game about every couple of games. Her coach roates through about four goalies, so that is nice so she gets a variety of positions played on the field. She has been doing very well as goalie and is improving quickly.

Horse Showing. Kaitlyn did a few more horse shows in the summer and loved it. She really enjoys showing horses.

Swimming. We continued swimming work throughout the summer.

Piano. Piano continued through summer and into the school year. We took July off, but that was it. She is enjoying it and really likes her new teacher.

Theater. At the very end of this time, she started working with a group that works on theater skills. She wants to be the best she can be there.


Kaitlyn has been loving school. She loves her teacher. She likes her class. She is doing the gifted and talented program and is enjoying that. Things have been going well all around. She gets her homework done at school.


At school each fall, they do a fundraiser race. It is a one mile run. They run in the grades. Kaitlyn didn’t feel super prepared going into the race. We usually train solid for 4-6 weeks, and this year it just didn’t happen. All she had to go off of was her soccer training.

She came in second in the girls in her grade! She was super surprised and excited. She pushed hard and pushed through and did very well.


She is continuing to change rapidly. I watched her slideshow from the last Kaitlyn update and she looks so different now than she did in those photos. Her face has matured a lot. Her feet are longer than mine as are her hands. I have always guessed she would stop growing at about my height, but we shall see. She is still shorter than I am, but I wonder with her feet and hands being bigger if she will get taller.




Here is her school schedule since I shared her summer schedule in the last post.

7 AM–wake up and get ready for school
9 AM–start school
4 PM–get home from school.
EVENING–we eat dinner as early as we can, but we wait for everyone to be home. The time of dinner varies from night to night. She may have practice or games during the evening. She might have the evening free and we spend it as a family.
8:30 PM–Bedtime


11.5 year old girl schedule and development with girl sitting on fence

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