McKenna Preteen Summary: 10 Years Old

This is a summary for McKenna. She is now ten years old! This summary covers from 9 years 9 months old through 10 years old. The life of a 10 year old tween girl. 

10 year old McKenna in St. George, Utah

McKenna is a kind-hearted, sweet girl. She loves to have fun and laugh. She is optimistic and happy. She is naturally quite athletic and loves to be physical. She loves to read and will find something to read any time she needs to sit and be still or wait for something. She forgives easily and quickly. 

McKenna is a strict rule follower and very blunt. She has little guile and will just say what she sees and thinks. She has no problem letting someone know they are doing something they shouldn’t be. 

She is a fierce defender of those she cares about and for anyone she sees as being picked on. She has made many friends after she has stepped in and defended a person she saw being treated unfairly. 

She is typically very patient, but she has her breaking point and pushed too far, she will very very forthcoming with how she feels about that. 


Eating has gone well and as usual. McKenna has never been a picky eater and is naturally drawn to healthy foods. She has her treats she enjoys, but overall, she sticks to healthy foods.


Sleep has gone well. We still use a timer for McKenna before bed. She really gets sucked into reading, so she needs the timer to help her know when to stop reading and go to sleep (see my other favorite uses for a timer here). 


We started reading scriptures as a family early in the morning rather than as part of our bedtime routine. We decided to use our Sonos speakers as alarms to get the kids up. 

It has worked very well! The alarm goes off each morning to music (you can choose the song or playlist–you can also do chimes instead, but we like the music). The music seems to wake them up gently. Then they all come to the family room and we read scriptures. 


McKenna has a hard time with change when it comes to physical objects. Many years ago, our fridge died and we bought a new one. That was so upsetting for her. Recently, we painted our cabinets white and she just could not get on board. She couldn’t understand why we wanted to change it and she liked it the way it was. She got over it eventually, but I thought it was very interested that she did not like the change. 


Here are some photos from this time period for McKenna:



McKenna likes to often do her own hair now. It is kind of a struggle for me because she obviously does not do as nice of a job as I do. But she needs to learn and she is always proud of herself when she does it. She is getting better.

It is really nice having kids be able to take over self-care as they get older. You don’t realize how long you spend doing something until it is no longer part of your daily process!


McKenna is the type of student who focuses very intently on following the rules. She is even better behaved at school than Brayden and Kaitlyn, which is saying something. She does not want to break any rule in any way.

This is great on one hand, but on the other hand, it is kind of sad. McKenna is a very fun-loving person who loves to have fun and laugh. I don’t think she ever shows that side of herself at school. Maybe that is okay? I don’t really know. I would love for her to be comfortable showing her personality while still being good and respectful in class. 

I do think it would be a challenge for her. Her happy party self is quite loud and outgoing. I don’t know if she has an in between. I would love to hear experiences and tips anyone might have with this. 

It is not a teacher thing; she has had the exact same teachers as Brayden and Kaitlyn until fourth grade.

10 year old girl climbing a rock


These are the activities McKenna participated in during these months. 


Soccer was low-key for the most part. They didn’t practice a lot, but they did go to a soccer tournament. They ended up in the championship game where they did a PK shootout. McKenna was the goalie and she took a shot. She made her shot and blocked all but one kick, and they won! She was so excited. 


McKenna was in the musical Mulan. She was one of the ancestors. She had a lot of fun with that. 


McKenna continued with piano lessons. 


Here is her typical school day schedule.

6:40–wake up. Family scriptures. Get ready for school. Practice piano. Personal scripture study.
4:00–home. Homework if there is any. Chores. Free time/time with siblings/independent play, etc.
5:30–dinner. Family time. Activities. 
7:30–get ready for bed. Family scriptures and prayer.
9:00–lights out.

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2 thoughts on “McKenna Preteen Summary: 10 Years Old”

  1. Hi, I’m wondering if you can tell me what 730-8:30 generally looks like. How long does family scripture time take? When she goes to bed, does she read or watch tv? My 10 and 12 year old share a bedroom and we are wanting to give my 12 year old more independence by giving him a later bedtime than his younger brother. Any help you can give?

    • Hello! Scriptures probably take about 15-30 minutes. We read a chapter and rarely adjust that based on the length of the chapter, so the time can vary. Then we do prayer together. She is allowed to read before bed. We need to set a timer for McKenna because she is the type to get absorbed in books. She probably would read through the night without realizing it. HAHA! So she has a timer to remind her she needs to go to sleep. Brayden and Kaitly and even Brinley (at age 7) do not have that, though. I would avoid television as a “wind down” function before sleep. Many experts say screens before bed can interfere with solid sleep at night, also.

      But for the 12 year old, I would let him stay out of the room a bit longer. Maybe go for 30 minutes later at this point.


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