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Judging the Moms Not “Properly” Dressed at School Drop-Off

  Many months ago, I clicked a link from Facebook that someone had shared about how women should be dressed when the dropped their children off at school (and probably… View Post

Planning a Successful Class Party

  The class party time is upon us! Class parties can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. I have been involved in… View Post

When to Do Homework?

Parents with children just starting school often wonder, “What time should I have my child do homework?” Do you do it right when they get home? Do you let the… View Post

Teachers, To Request or Not Request?

image source When I first had children, I figured that when it came to things like requesting a specific teacher, I wouldn’t do any requesting. I would let the cards… View Post

5 Benefits of Helping in Class

I am a big advocate for helping at the school in whatever capacity you are capable of. Some parents can help multiple times a week while others can do a… View Post

Test Anxiety Tips for Children

The only thing worse than taking a test is being totally stressed out about taking a test. The reality of school these days is that there are a lot of… View Post

Organizing School Lunches

Today as the Babywise Friendly Blog Network ladies all talk about something around the them “lunches,” I thought I would talk about organizing school lunches. I have talked to other… View Post