Back to School Round-Up

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It is back to school time! There are so many things to get ready before school starts and shortly thereafter. I am here to help! I want to walk you through my posts I have so far on the topic to help you with getting yourself organized and involved. And if you don’t have a child in school yet but are considering the topic for the future, I have stuff on that too! It is at the end of this post.

Back to School List {My Favorites}

Earlier this week I posted on my favorite back to school items. No matter what is on your official list for back to school, this list will help you with the best of some basic items.


Organizing School Lunches

If your child is like mine, he/she will likely be eating a lot of lunches brought from home this year. I created a system for helping organize the school vs. home lunch situation. I also made a fool-proof chart for making the home lunch so my children could have more responsibility for the task.


“Sack” Lunch Ideas

Organizing school lunches is one thing. Getting ideas is quite the other! I have noticed that the younger the child, the more often they want a lunch from home rather than a lunch from school. That has been true of my own children as well as children at school. I compiled a list of different ideas for lunches so you can have some variety. 


Hanger Tags {Organizing Life} Free Printable!

The next major area to organize is the clothing. The sooner you can get your child more independent in the morning the sooner your mornings will be as smooth as possible. These hanger tags help make the clothing choice each morning quick and painless.


When to Do Homework?

I see this question quite often as people start to get children in school. What is the best time of day to do homework? Do children need a break after school? I walk you through this decision.


Scheduling Homework Time/Piano Practice Time/etc.

Continuing on, I talk in this post about when to require your children to do the homework, practice the musical instrument, and so forth. 


Managing the Paper Influx

As your child starts coming home, so do the massive piles of paper. Massive. It only gets worse as you get more children. I tried some different methods and came up with this system. Check it out. It can even help you with your mail situation.


5 Benefits of Helping in Class

I am a big believer in helping in class. In this post I write out some of the top benefits I see to helping in class. It definitely takes away from time you have at home, but I do think the sacrifice is worth it.


Test Anxiety Tips for Children

Testing is, unfortunately, a major part of a child’s life in school these days, even as you as Kindergarten. As the tests come up, your child might start to exhibit anxiety over the tests (for my kids, it was prevalent in the Kindergarten and first grade years). Here are some tips to help you help your child banish that anxiety.


Planning a Successful Class Party

Now for some fun stuff! The class party. I love going and throwing a party for my children and their classes. It is a fun way to get to know the students your children are around every day. I of course work to make sure the class party is as efficient and fun as possible without going overboard and killing myself. No overworked mom is a nice mom. Here are some tips to help keep you nice. 



Oh if you have a Kindergartner, be ready for this. The Kindertude. This is a little title that came out of my mouth one day when talking with a friend about what life is like with a Kindergartner. I will say identifying it, expecting it, and combatting it with McKenna made it so I pretty much forgot that was even possible. So read on for tips.


Parental Influence Stands Supreme {Bloom Where You are Planted}

Many people worry about the influence of other children on their children, which is completely understandable. Here is my pep talk on the topic.


Judging the Women Not “Properly” Dressed at School Drop-Offs

As in anything in life, little “judgements” can creep up toward other people as you get involved in something–even something as simple as all dropping your children off at school. These are my thoughts on judging other women. 


Teachers, To Request or Not Request?

As the next year approaches, you might be given the opportunity to request your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year. Here are my thoughts on that. 


To Preschool Or Not?

Many people wrestle with the question if they should send their child to preschool or not. I take these considerations and talk them out with you.


Getting Preschoolers Ready for Kindergarten

You have a preschooler and want said preschooler ready for Kindergarten next year. This post outlines simple practices to get that little one ready for Kindergarten.


Kindergarten Readiness

Have you ever wondered what a child needs to be able to do to really be ready for Kindergarten? Here is your list. 


Public School

Now on to schooling decisions. Here are my thoughts on the merits of choosing a public school for your child’s education.


More on Public Education

And more on that. 


Considerations for Charter Schools

I had a good friend write why she chose a charter school for her children over the other schooling options. If you are considering a charter school, you will find some good information here. 



I had another good friend write about the reasons she chose to homeschool her children. If homeschooling is on your list of considerations, be sure to check this out.


Preschool Curriculum eBook

No matter how you decide to school, the Preschool Curriculum eBook Babes, Tots, and Kids written by Raegan Disharoon and myself will be a great help to you. It can be your preschool curriculum for homeschooling or a supplement and something fun to do at home with your children you send to school. 


Please let me know if there are more schooling related topics you would like to see covered!

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