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What is Kindertude? It is a word I made up to define the attitude a Kindergartner gets when he/she starts school.   I remember when Brayden was a one year… View Post


This is a guest post from Raegan (you know–the  Chronic 45 Minute Naps and Chronic 45 Minute Naps: One Year Later author). Raegan and I have come to be good friends over the… View Post

Public School

image source My children attend our local public school. This post will discuss why we chose public, what we love about public education, possible downsides to public schooling, and how… View Post

Considerations for Charter Schools

Today’s post is from a neighbor of mine, Stephanie. Stephanie is a mom I greatly look up to. I use the dentist she recommends, the preschool she loves…when Stephanie shares… View Post

Poll Results: For Preschool, did you/will you…

Teach from home   31 (35%)   Send at 2   7 (8%)   Send at 3   31 (35%)   Send at 4   18 (20%)     Votes… View Post

Poll Results: DO YOU/WILL YOU…

Homeschool   40 (33%)   Public School   51 (42%)   Private School   11 (9%)   Other   0 (0%)   Undecided   20 (16%)     Votes so… View Post

Preparing for Kindergarten {Now}

image source   Parents of four and five year olds often spend that last year before kindergarten trying to make sure the child knows all he should before school starts.… View Post