Childwise Principles for Parents to Follow

Parenting principles found in the book On Becoming ChildWise by Garry Ezzo and Robert Bucknam. Find out what the book is all about.

Childwise book

I am currently in the middle of reading Childwise. I thought I would list the principles listed in the book. I will later take each principle and go into more depth on each topic with my added thoughts.

  • Great marriages make great parents (Put Your Marriage First)
  • Use the strength of your leadership early on and the strength of your relationship later. (Leadership and Authority: Childwise)
  • Parent now, be friends later. (Parent vs. Friend: Childwise) (Four Phases of Parenting (Childwise))
  • Instill morality into a child and his behavior will fall into place. (Moral Training: Love)
  • What you do not yourself desire, do not put forth before others. Do to others what you would have them do to you.
  • Other people count.
  • It is not enough to teach your children how to act morally; they must learn to think morally.
  • To teach a virtue, one example (you) is better than a thousand lectures.
  • Discipline is heart food for your child.
  • If learning didn’t take place, correction didn’t happen.
  • Allowing a child to progress into his new and expanding world in an orderly fashion greatly enhances learning and decreases the need for correction.
  • Constantly reminding a child to do what is expected only means you have no expectation.
  • Verbal affirmation is never redundant.
  • Wise parenting is better than power parenting.
  • An ounce of self-control is better than a pound of trouble.

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