Dare to Babywise

So I feel a little bit out of the loop on Babywise stuff. We kind of found our groove after a few months and then took a break from the continuous reading. But it is thanks to babywise that our life as a family is so simple and smooth. I must say that the forums, especially the google groups has been an incredible resource, as well as the babywise blog. The book on its own actually left me more despairing and confused as soon as my daughter made it out to us. But the support and the inspiration of the other babywisers has been invaluable. I love how they combine the babywise fundamentals with other things that actually contradict babywise on several points. Such as doing Baby Led Weaning rather than spoon-feeding purées, such as disciplining through bringing-close and reinforcing the positive rather than smacking or time-outs. I find that on the whole we have a praxis of upbringing that is a potpouri of many impulses, but one that we really feel good about and that makes our communication with our daughter absolutely top-notch. The whole Eat-Play-Sleep thing, as well as watching out for the optimal wake time lengths has made it so easy to understand what our baby actually needs rather than guessing and grasping for straws. For instance I am convinced that these “learn-to-walk-seats” that are available for infants have a negative influence on the babies’ development, this is based on various sources of research. But if I had no idea how to manage my babies’ needs I may have been more or less forced to use one anyway as most babies are very content in there for a long time. Now I cater her needs without compromising my values. Also through babywisers I came into contact with the book about the Wonder Weeks. This information has been utterly priceless in our understanding of our daughter. Not only do I understand her better when she has more difficult behavior, but as a passionate mother and preschool teacher I am even able to provide her with more appropriate materials and challenges according to her current developmental phase. I am infinitely grateful to babywise and to all who dare to practice it despite all of the controversy and thereby provide a great network of support. I feel most of the controversy is based on false assumptions and blind misperceptions and even misinformation. It is not for everyone, that is totally for sure. In fact, I have not found one single parent so far whom I have been able to interest with babywise. But when my family learned to implement it on our own terms we have reaped tremendous benefits. Thankyou to all of you. 

– Passionate Mama

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