Enriching the Journey

Rachel and her family


I heard of Babywise before my first child, and am thankful I did. It has made my journey of motherhood so much the richer. Being prepared with a way to go about things from the beginning gave me confidence and security that I believe many first time moms don’t have. People were wary at first since they wanted to hold the baby all the livelong day, but when the fruit of Babywise started to show, I had nothing but compliments on my children. Two such comments stand out most vividly. 


One day friends were over and we were swimming in the pool. My second child was 3 months old at the time and I excused myself to put him down for a nap. About two minutes later I returned and a friend (and mother) said “Where is he?” I explained that I had put him down for a nap. She said, “I can’t hear him screaming?” I explained that he normally went down happy. She looked at me with such sincerity in her eyes and said, “Putting down a three-month-old for a nap in one minute without crying… that is unheard of… it just doesn’t happen.” Ha! At that moment I felt so privileged to have been introduced to Babywise.


Second such occasion, I was discussing how I want multiple children and want them close together in age. I think I was pregnant with my third (three in three years now) at the time. I said I felt sure it’d get hairy some, but with good scheduling and well-behaved children it should all work out fine. One of my friends (and mother of two) looked at me and said, “If my children were as well-behaved as yours, I’d have more children too.” 


Though my children are unique and perfect to me, their behavior and good habits – sleeping and otherwise – are not one in a million. I know that the Babywise method is sound and I gift the book to my friends who will be first time mothers. I know it isn’t “by chance” or “good luck” but, it’s simply a method that works! 


– Rachel, from A Mother Far from Home

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  1. We had a nap story like that recently! We were hanging out at a friends cottage most days during July 4 week. Every afternoon, my husband took Charlotte in from the beach for her nap. Then he'd be back 20 minutes later (it took a while at the beach, due to the sand removal!) Everyone was like, "Where is your kid? She naps ALONE? What if she wakes up??" They were so impressed that we knew her nap time and could enjoy the beach on our own for an hour!


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