I Could Never Let My Baby Cry

By Amanda


I am a first time mom to a beautiful 8.5 month old baby girl. My husband and I read Babywise before our daughter was born. We are very firm believers in the methods and ideas taught in Babywise, and we have implemented them from early on in our daughter’s life. We had a rough start because family came in from out of town and held her almost non-stop for her first 3 weeks of life. It took some time to re-train her to not be held all day and night. It was really difficult, but my husband and stuck with it.


Our families were not supportive of us using cry-it-out or putting our baby on a schedule. They couldn’t imagine that we put her in her bed awake, and expected her to put herself to sleep. However, they were thrilled when we visited for Christmas and she slept 10 hours at night when she was 10 weeks old.


My husband and I recently went out of town for 5 nights for our anniversary, and had family come watch her at our house. I typed out her schedule and emphasized the importance of following it. I promised that if I did they would have a happy, well-rested baby on their hands, and they would have a great week. They could not believe how well behaved she was while we were gone. She never fussed or gave them a hard time. I think they thought she was going to cry every time they put her in bed, or maybe they didn’t believe that she really does sleep 12 hours at night with good naps during the day. They were shocked that what we had been telling the truth. They finally admitted that the work we put in at the beginning of her life was worth it. She is happy, alert, confident, well-rested, a good eater, etc. 


Babywise is more than just a schedule to follow. It is a lifestyle; a way to train your children in a way that pleases God. My husband and I just found out that our next baby will be joining our family in January. We are so glad that we implemented Babywise because it will make having 2 babies in 16 months a smoother ride than if we had followed some other parenting style.


It is hard work in the beginning, but well worth it.