First Time Mom Reflections…Changing Diapers

It is so normal for a first time parent to have no idea when or how to change baby’s diaper. Do not feel bad if you had to be told!

Baby getting diaper changed

Sometimes I look back on how much I have learned since first becoming a mom and really just have to laugh at myself.

I have come a long way!

Then it struck me; many of you are first time moms and might have a tendency to compare yourselves to me and feel bad. So, I thought it might be fun for me to share some of my first time mom stories with you so you can see that everyone makes mistakes and has things to learn along the way.

This is a story about when we first had Brayden and were in the hospital. A lot of it was kind of a blur for me (unlike my girls). At some point, a nurse walked in and asked us a series of questions, including if Brayden had any wet or poopy diapers.

My husband and I kind of glanced at each other, then at her and replied, “No?”

You see, the nurses had taken Brayden out every so often to do some test here and some test there. We assumed they were also changing his diaper for us.


We really thought they would be doing that while we were in the hospital. Maybe they were? After that question, we knew we now needed to change his diapers while in the hospital!

Okay, now I must be fair to us. We really didn’t know.

And, with my girls, the nurses did talk about diapers a lot more and in the case of McKenna told us, “While we had her, we changed her diaper.” Of course, this was unnecessary by then because we were seasoned pros and changed her diaper every time she ate–even if maybe she didn’t need it.

It can be hard to tell with the little newborn and those super-absorbent diapers. So we just changed them all the time. We had our routine down. Feed baby. Change her diaper. Let her play if she will. Have her sleep. It is in our blood now.

So go ahead. Have a little chuckle at our expense. We laugh about it often now. We really had no idea what we were doing. We marvel that they just send babies home with first time parents–there should be a quiz or something! 😉

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