First Time Mom Reflections: Always in Baby’s Face!

We first time moms can really overdo it on entertaining our new babies. You are not alone! But read why it is okay, and good, to not do that.

Mom in baby's face

When Brayden was a baby, I really had no idea what I should be doing so far as face time with him.

If he was awake, I literally felt guilty–pure guilt–if I was not in front of him and interacting with him.

I would sing songs, make faces, read books, talk, try to get him to smile, take pictures…I wouldn’t do anything but focus all my attention on him when he was awake.

It is no wonder I was so tired and found it hard to get things done…

And the poor kid!

He never had a moment of peace! When I think of how overly stimulated he must have been….oh boy.

As he got older, I came around. I started to implement independent play around 6-7 months.

He was not happy to suddenly not be entertained by me at all moments of the day, but he worked up to 30 minutes of playing happily (until he started standing at 8 or 9 months…that story is told in the independent play posts).

With my girls, I was a lot more balanced.

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I allowed them to play while I watched and without me being in their faces or even talking to them. I let them have some peace.

I knew they would not feel completely neglected if they had only the pleasure of their own company sometimes.

I knew they actually needed to have some time that was quiet. I understood how easily babies can get overstimulated.

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They were always very content babies, and I am sure it is largely in part because I didn’t spend all of their waking hours in their faces.

Was anyone else an “in your facer”?


Why you shouldn't be in your baby's face