Happy Babies and Happy Mom

I have two babies, currently 23 months and 4 months. I was given the babywise book as a gift when my first was 2 weeks old. It was immediately a lifesaver. I am a Registered Nurse, certified in inpatient obstetrics, and have taken multiple breastfeeding courses. Of course, each of these courses were based mainly in on demand feeding. Not having any kids at the time I took these courses, I just listened and believed! Getting that book was the best gift I received as a parent! I often remind the gift giver of that. I immediately felt permission to do what seemed to make sense, for 2 weeks I had been feeding this baby every time she cried and I was going crazy! After reading the book I started implementing the principles and immediately saw results, at 8 weeks she was sleeping through the night and never looked back. Strangers would comment on how alert she was, and my mom loved babysitting because it was so easy! I breastfed her until she was 10.5 months old, when she started walking and wanted nothing to do with breastfeeding anymore! She is still such a joy, a great sleeper, and sleeps in a toddler bed with no problems.


Baby 2 has been a little different, although still not really difficult. She slept through the night at 12 weeks, although that felt like 4 weeks to late for me! She is now 20 weeks and dropped the dreamfeed with no difficulty last week. I am already getting comments on how alert she is, I tell people she is well rested! We are now looking forward to moving to the 4 hour schedule soonish. Still breastfeeding. 


What a gift! What a joy my little girls are! I remember feeling so frustrated at the beginning and thinking that I was just crazy and maybe not cut out for this whole mom thing, Babywise changed all that by allowing me to do what made sense!



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